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SRE Projects

Miraheze continually strives to provide a strong, community centred service; along with that comes community scrutiny and community involvement over projects that are planned to take up considerable resources in terms of development, reviewing efforts, deployment, or long-standing maintenance.

Below is a list of large projects that SRE has in mind, the idea of this page is to:

  • Have a centralised place for active community discussion over merits, design specs, etc.
  • Store all information about a project in a central place, not in Phabricator.
  • Be planned and thoroughly thought through before being formally proposed as a project eligible for a goal.

A proposal template is available here and should be put in a subpage.

Anyone may:

  • Propose a new project (see here).
  • Comment on a proposal (use the talk page of the relevant proposal).
  • Work on a proposal (see Contributing and starting points in a proposal for guidance).

Current proposals[edit | edit source]

  • Automation of SSL requests — Implement a system where on request, users are able to generate a Lets Encrypt certificate which is then deployed to GitHub and to MediaWiki via $wgServer (after being approved by an SRE member) (~175 hours).
  • CreateWiki AI improvement — Improve the current AI system for CreateWiki to allow for different factors to be taken into account when assessing how 'good' a request is (~175 hours).
  • Proper CI for Miraheze extensions — Implement proper continuous integration for extensions maintained by Miraheze (~175 hours).
  • Multiversion — Introduce the ability to deploy multiple MediaWiki versions to 1 server (~175 hours).

In progress[edit | edit source]

  • None yet.

Completed[edit | edit source]

  • List of Miraheze wikis — A page where all wikis are listed off and can be ranked/categorised and viewed by all users.
  • Statistics page for all wikis — A page where analytical information for all wikis can be displayed using information collected and stored by Miraheze currently in Matomo.