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Memcached is used for object and session caching. Memcached is currently installed on mem151 and mem161.

Commands[edit | edit source]


This will flush all keys from the database storage and can be helpful for in-house debugging or resolving issues. The command should be run sparingly, like its child flush_all. You can also specify how long it can take (in seconds) to run, for example flush_all 900.


This can be used to fetch the listed key. This does not support regex. It must be the exact key. Example: get saldanwiki:matomo:id.


This can be used to set a key with a value. Example set saldanwiki:matomo:id 0 4 12.


This can be used to delete a key. Example delete saldanwiki:matomo:id.


Used to display general stats about the memcached instance.

Note: You can get all keys via PHP there's currently no easy way to do it just with TCP.

Running[edit | edit source]

There are multiple ways to connect to memcached and run commands. PHP or via TCP.

To use TCP, run the following:

telnet 11211

Then follow #Commands.

You can do it via PHP by following and the docs.

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