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Site Reliability Engineering Homepage
Welcome to the homepage of Miraheze's Site Reliability Engineering team. This homepage will eventually be the homepage for information regarding Miraheze's technical activities, people and services. For example: what does the infrastructure of Miraheze look like, an overview of our services, which people are part of the volunteering team and an overview of procedures. The content on these pages may be of interest to you, but we cannot promise all listed pages are up-to-date.


People, policies, procedures

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Did you know?

  • £4,000 budget per year
  • 9,000+ commits in our MediaWiki configuration repository
  • 3 dedicated servers and 30+ virtual machines, all managed by Puppet
  • 800+ GB of databases
  • 5 backend technical infrastructure volunteers
  • 1,200+ GB of static content (e.g. data dumps, images, videos)
  • 120,000+ unique visitors per day
  • 4,000+ wikis

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