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System administrators may have different access and different permissions on the farm. This page documents the roles of all groups, and their responsibilities.


Operations (ops) is the name of the group system administrators which are responsible for the technical operations at Miraheze. They have access to all servers, and are in charge of ensuring that all servers are secure and run smoothly.

Named Roles

The Lead System Administrator (or Technical Lead) is an operations member that is responsible for hardware allocation, and working with hosts and Miraheze's financial management to ensure the infrastructure has the right hardware without burning the finances. They may not be so much involved in operations work like normal operations members, but still take full responsibility for the technical side of Miraheze.

Delegated Access


MediaWiki System Administrators (also known as 'mediawiki-admins' or 'mw-admins') is the name of the group of system administrators responsible for MediaWiki operations. They handle feature requests, upgrades, extensions and such. They have access to the MediaWiki servers, with some sudo access. The full sudo access group is called 'mediawiki-roots' and the role is similar to mediawiki-admins.


Cache System Administrators ('cache-admins') is the name of the group of system administrators responsible for managing the single layered cache infrastructure. This mostly details for now managing Varnish, but is likely to expand in the future.


Puppet is mainly managed by operations but there is also a Puppet User ('puppet-users') group. The purpose of this group is to allow non-ops system administrators to manage SSL certificates.

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