Global policies

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Global policies

Miraheze has global policies which apply to all users and wikis and others which apply only to certain users. For readability, this page groups them into different categories.

Some policies (namely those in the 'Groups' category) apply specifically only to those who are within that group. Apart from those, all others apply to all users and all wikis on Miraheze and no wiki may be exempted from them.

Wiki policies[edit | edit source]

While all policies in this page directly or indirectly impact wikis and users and must be abided, the policies in this section are directly targeted towards wikis, unlike others which focus on user conduct, global groups, etc.

Conduct policies[edit | edit source]

The policies in this section govern user conduct on all wikis and on off-wiki Miraheze platforms along with special guidelines which our volunteers must abide by.

Account policies[edit | edit source]

  • No open proxies policy – Prohibits the use of web host connections and open proxies on Miraheze.
  • User accounts policy – Governs user account usage (sharing and having multiple) and defines what constitutes abuse of multiple accounts.
  • Username Policy – Outlines what types of usernames are not acceptable on Miraheze.

Groups[edit | edit source]

The policies in this section govern global user groups and other groups which may not have on-wiki global rights but which wield a degree of authority nonetheless.

  • Counter Vandalism Team – Policy defining the scope of the Counter Vandalism Team, who is part of it, and what they do.
  • Community Directors – Policy defining the process for the community to select members of the WikiTide Foundation Board of Directors.
  • Global IP block exemption – A user group that allows certain users to bypass "hard" blocks of certain IP addresses.
  • Global Rollbackers – Policy defining the role and scope of Global Rollbackers.
  • Global Sysops – Policy defining the role and scope of Global Sysops.
  • Stewards – Policy defining the role and scope of Stewards.

Foundation policies[edit | edit source]

The policies in this section are Foundation policies approved by the Board of Directors. They may not be amended by community processes and may only be amended by the Board of Directors.

  • Terms of Use – Policy defining terms which all users must agree to before being able to use our services.
  • CheckUser Policy – Defines permissible uses of the CheckUser tool.
  • Copyright Policy – Describes the responsibilities of users and the Foundation under US copyright law.
  • Data Request Process – Policy defining how to request your personal data and how we will process your request.
  • Privacy Policy – Policy defining how Miraheze handles your data.
  • Trust and Safety Policy – Describes the procedure for carrying out Trust and Safety investigations.
  • Underage User Policy – Miraheze does not serve users under the age of 13.

Internal policies[edit | edit source]

  • Bylaws – Primary organizational document for the WikiTide Foundation, defining the Board of Directors, Officers, and other requirements and responsibilities.
  • Board Election Policy – Defines the Board's process for recognizing community elections of directors.
  • Conflict of Interest Policy – Defines the protocol for declaring and managing perceived and actual financial conflicts of interest within the WikiTide Foundation.
  • Delegation Policy – Describes the authority that has been delegated by Board of Directors to particular officers.
  • Non-Discrimination Policy – Bans certain forms of discrimination by the WikiTide Foundation.
  • Standing Order of Business – Describes the planning of Board meetings, including the meeting agenda.
  • Systems Access Policy – Defines requirements for accessing official Miraheze systems and accounts.
  • Technology Policies – Policies that are internal to the Technology team.
  • Whistleblower Policy – Bans retaliation against those who report wrongdoing in good faith.