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Where there is concern that a wiki is unable to meet its obligations in enforcing the Content Policy or other global policies, a wiki may be placed under conservatorship.

Under conservatorship, Stewards are appointed to the wiki as bureaucrats, and they assume joint administrative control of a wiki alongside local administrators. Stewards help the community develop healthy self-governance capacity, including the capacity to enforce global policies and address local issues. Stewards would consult the local community and administrators on proposed changes to local policies, practices, and conventions.

Local administrators may petition Stewards to place their wiki under a conservatorship. Under special circumstances, Stewards may place a wiki in a conservatorship if they believe that local leadership is unable (or unwilling) to address global policy enforcement concerns adequately and where previous remediation efforts involving the local administrators have failed, including due to administrator inactivity. Stewards will attempt to work alongside local administrators but may disregard them if they refuse to cooperate positively or engage in sabotage of the wiki.

In extreme cases of uncooperative, overly hostile, and/or sabotaging behavior, Stewards may demote a local administrator from any extended local permission they hold. Stewards will only do this in extreme circumstances where other remediation efforts involving the local administrator in question have failed and where demotion is a necessity to ensure project stability.

While there is no set timeframe for a conservatorship to end, they should end as soon as the community shows itself to be capable of self-governing. Stewards can end conservatorship in their discretion or following a petition by local administrators or the community on the Stewards' noticeboard. Conservatorships for other circumstances may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

List of ongoing conservatorships

  • Retro Windows Wiki: A "temporary" conservatorship awaiting successful local election by an interested and involved user to take over its management.