Trust and Safety/Policy

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1. Authority

This policy is issued by the Director of Trust and Safety (DT&S) under the authority granted by the Delegation Policy.

2. Investigations

Investigations within the scope of Trust and Safety will be conducted according to the following procedure.

  1. Responder conducts an initial review to determine whether a potential violation exists.
    • If a potential breach is not found, no further actions by a Responder will occur. It may be referred to a relevant community group, however.
  2. Responder prepares a record of facts based on publicly available information, private information as required, and interviews with related parties as required.
  3. Responder reviews the record of facts under applicable policy and recommends an action for the DT&S's approval.
  4. If the DT&S approves, the action is carried out.
    • Action may be carried out without DT&S approval if time is of the essence.

3. Actions

When responding to an incident, the least action necessary should be taken to address the issue. Examples of actions available include but are not limited to:

  • Full-service ban (a T&S ban, formerly a Terms of Use ban);
  • Partial service bans (targeting specific services e.g., Phorge);
  • Ban on pre-defined rights/privileges;
  • Standard administrative actions (blocks, deletions, protections).

CheckUser information and server-stored logs may be accessed in response to one of the above actions being enacted to retrieve and retain identifying information such as IP addresses and User Agents. All information collected and retained will be done in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

4. Appeals

Decisions by Trust and Safety responders can be appealed to the DT&S. Decisions by the DT&S, including the decline of an appeal, can be appealed to the Board of Directors. Appeals can be made on the following grounds:

  • The decision was supported by factually incorrect information;
  • The policy was incorrectly applied to the facts;
  • The action taken in response to the incident was excessive or disproportionate.

The DT&S and Board may review and act on appeals in their discretion.

The DT&S may review prior sanctions in light of updated information or following an extended period of time. Factors for review include good behavior on the part of the sanctioned individual and the severity of the offense.