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Miraheze always strives to provide a strong, community centered service - and along with that comes community scrutiny and community involvement over projects that are planned to take up considerable resources in term of development, reviewing efforts, deployment or long standing maintenance.

Below is a list of large projects that SRE has in mind, the idea of this page is to:

  • have a centralised place for active community discussion over merits, design specs, etc.
  • store all information about a project in a central place not in Phabricator,
  • be planned and thoroughly thought through before being formally proposed as a project eligible for a goal.

A proposal template is available here and should be put in a subpage.

Any one may:

  • propose a new project (see here)
  • comment on a proposal (use the talk page of the relevant proposal)
  • work on a proposal (see Contributing and starting points in a proposal for guidance)

Current proposals[edit | edit source]

  • Automation of SSL requests - Implement a system where on request, users are able to generate a Lets Encrypt certificate which is then deployed to GitHub and to MediaWiki via $wgServer (after being approved by an SRE member) (~175 hours)
  • CreateWiki AI improvement - Improve the current AI system for CreateWiki to allow for different factors to be taken into account when assessing how 'good' a request is (~175 hours)
  • Proper CI for Miraheze extensions - Implement proper continuous integration for extensions maintained by Miraheze (~175 hours)
  • Multiversion - Introduce the ability to deploy multiple MediaWiki versions to 1 server (~175 hours)

In progress[edit | edit source]

  • None, yet.

Completed[edit | edit source]

  • List of Miraheze wikis - a page where all wikis are listed off and can be ranked/categorised and viewed by all users.
  • Statistics page for all wikis - a page where analytical information for all wikis can be displayed using information collected and stored by Miraheze currently in Matomo.