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    OOjs UI icon advanced-invert.svgSite Reliability Engineering

    Inside SRE:

    • Miraheze upgraded to MediaWiki 1.39 on 21 January, 2023!
    • The Community Wishlist Survey has concluded! We'll be posting results soon!
    • Universal Omega was elected Technical Director.
    • The community spoke and we listened—the results for the Community Wishlist Survey are in! Work is underway to complete all selected projects before the end of 2022.

    What is SRE?

    Who do you think runs the show behind the scenes in the server room? Site Reliability Engineering (whose members are more commonly known as system administrators) does! We're a group of people who all work together to ensure Miraheze runs smoothly and that our users are satisfied. Just like everyone else, we're unpaid volunteers who love our users and always put them first!

    Learn more about our roles

    Did you know?

    • 6150 wikis
    • £4,000 budget per year
    • 10,000+ commits in our MediaWiki configuration repository
    • 5 dedicated servers and 30+ virtual machines, all managed by Puppet
    • 800+ GB of databases
    • 6 backend technical infrastructure volunteers
    • 1.5+ TBs of static content (e.g. data dumps, images, videos)
    • 400,000+ unique visitors per day

    Our services

    Under the hood, we use lots of software to keep Miraheze up and running. While some may be obvious like MediaWiki and Phabricator, other such as Swift may not be. Below is a list of all the software solutions we use.

    In depth with SRE

    SRE strives for transparency. Below are some of our policies and manuals that our members follow.