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    OOjs UI icon userAvatar-invert.svgSite Reliability Engineering members

    Site Reliability Engineering members (whose technical team members are often times referred to as system administrators (or sysadmins)) are responsible for the technical operation and stability of the infrastructure behind Miraheze. Known also as the Technical Team, it also consists of one or more team member(s) in non-technical roles, and they can be contacted by emailing sre(at)

    +/- Name & Role Libera Chat nickname
    on IRC
    E-mail Shell GitHub Phabricator (admin) IONOS and OVHcloud Domain Registrar Grafana (Admin)
    Agent Isai

    Community Engagement Specialist

    Agent agent(at) Bastion No No No No No

    Engineering Manager (Infrastructure)

    JohnLewis john(at) Root on all servers Owner Yes Yes No Yes

    MediaWiki Engineer

    MacFan4000 macfan(at) MediaWiki servers, puppet141 mediawiki-admins; ssl-admins No No No No

    Site Reliability Engineer (Infrastructure)

    paladox paladox(at) Root on all servers Owner Yes Yes No Yes

    Engineering Manager (MediaWiki)

    Reception123 reception123(at) Root on all servers Owner Yes Yes No Yes
    Universal Omega

    Site Reliability Engineer (MediaWiki) and Nominated Director for the Technical Team

    CosmicAlpha universalomega(at) Root on all servers Owner Yes Yes No Yes

    Site Reliability Engineer (Infrastructure)

    Voidwalker void(at) Root on all servers Owner Yes Yes Yes Yes


    The following is a chart of SRE volunteers.
    User:PaladoxUser:MacFan4000User:JohnUser:JohnUser:RhinosF1User:ReviUser:NDKillaUser:JohnUser:ZppixUser:VoidUser:Universal OmegaUser:SouthparkfanUser:RhinosF1User:ReviUser:Reception123User:PaladoxUser:NDKillaUser:MutanteUser:MacFan4000User:LabsterUser:JohnUser:ImBoPhilUser:CoreyUser:Agent Isai

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