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Miraheze uses Libera Chat as the primary communication platform for the project, notices and a standard 'squeaky wheel' system.

Miraheze is a registered group on Libera Chat which allows for the dissemination of 'miraheze' cloaks and allows easy management of all miraheze namespace channels by a select few of the community (and ensures there is a space for everyone in the community to create their own channel to support their projects and teams).

Group Contacts

Group contacts are selected people from the community who are trusted and able to manage cloak and namespace channels through co-ordination with Libera Chat network staff. All group contacts are able to request any cloak assigned to an account in the format of "miraheze/*" (e.g. @miraheze/Example), manage all namespace channels either by keeping discussions peaceful or by managing ACLs through own flags or requesting changes by Libera Chat network staff.

Name Contact Cloak
MacFan4000 IRC: MacFan4000 @wikimedia/MacFan4000
NDKilla IRC: PuppyKun @miraheze/NDKilla
Reception123 IRC: Reception123 @WikiTide/Reception123
Universal Omega IRC: CosmicAlpha @WikiTide/Universal-Omega


Miraheze has control of the #miraheze-* namespace which also allows the control over @miraheze/* cloaks for users. As such, we offer cloaks to all members of the community who are in a good standing on communities hosted by Miraheze. In order to preserve the view of Miraheze, cloaks can be revoked at any time if the user is found to be causing trouble while wearing a cloak.

Cloaks are given out (at the moment) in the following formats:

  • @miraheze/$USERNAME (the global username as seen on Special:CentralAuth)
  • @miraheze/bot/$USERNAME (to signify a bot account).

Special cloaks may be assigned at the discretion of a contact for special circumstances. Currently the only one is issued to the collection of IRC bots ran by the Technology Team (using the cloak @miraheze/bots).

Obtaining a Cloak

To obtain a Cloak just ask a group contact on IRC. You must verify that you are you by editing your user page here with your IRC nick and then post the diff link on IRC. Your nick must be registered and you must be logged in.