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    HotCat allows you to easily modify categories. You can see the full help page at Help:Gadget-HotCat on Wikimedia Commons.

    As of January 2021, Timeless skin on desktop view (specifically, if your screen is larger than 1100px) does not support HotCat.

    How to activate[edit | edit source]

    Privacy warning:
    By enabling this gadget, your IP address, User-Agent and the referrer will be provided to the Wikimedia Foundation, that information will be handled under the rule of Wikimedia Foundation Privacy Policy. That's because the gadget loads CSS and JavaScript from sites controlled by WMF.

    Paste MediaWiki:Gadget-HotCat, MediaWiki:Gadget-HotCat.js, and MediaWiki:Gadget-Hotcatcheck.js to your wiki. Add following line to MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition: * HotCat[ResourceLoader|rights=edit|default]|HotCat.js|Hotcatcheck.js