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Hello, I'm Zppix I'm a System Administrator on Miraheze,Wiki WikicreatorCreator, [[mh:test:TestWiki:Consuls|Consul]] on [[mh:test:|Public Test Wiki]], aMeta memberAdministrator, ofautopatrolled, theconfirmed [[CVT|Counter Vandalism Team]] autopatrolleduser, and confirmedformer userSystem Administrator here on Miraheze. I'm also a volunteer developer for both Miraheze and Wikimedia. I am the Ethics Advisor for FOSSBots LTD. I currently hold, Rollbacker, pending changes reviewer, new pages patroller, extentded auto confirmed, auto confirmed, user rights on English Wikipedia, under the same username. I also am one of the people in charge of r/MirahezeWikis on reddit, alongside Stewards, System Administrators, and Board Members.
Please feel free to ask me questions on my user talk page, request a wiki [[Special:MyLanguage/Special:RequestWiki|here]]. Zppix ([[User:Zppix|Meta]] | [[CVT|CVT Member]] | [[User talk:Zppix|talk to me]])
==Contact me==
Meta: [[User talk:Zppix|my talk page]] <br>
Staff email: [[Special:EmailUser/Zppix(MH Staff)|staff contact account]] <br>
Personal email: [[Special:EmailUser/Zppix|personal email]]
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