Responding to threats

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If you see a credible threat to life, limb, property or of child abuse (including self-harm):

Treat it seriously!

  • Many threats are empty, but don't make that evaluation yourself; leave that responsibility to the Trust and Safety team.
  • If you are in immediate danger, call your local emergency services.
  • If comfortable, you should also call emergency services if someone else is at immediate risk. We can not always respond.

Contact Trust and Safety
Immediately file a report here or, if you are unable to, email ts(at) with details of the threat.

  • This address is for threats to life, limb, property or regarding child abuse only. For other concerns, please visit the Help center.
  • Include a screenshot of the threat and a link to the page.
  • We will take appropriate action, such as tracing locations and contacting authorities. We will not know what happens after and can not tell you.
  • You should try and get attention of a Trust and Safety member via IRC or Discord until you know we are aware.

Contact administrators
In addition to emailing Trust and Safety as above, please notify local wiki administrators and Stewards privately.

  • Even if you are an administrator, notify other administrators.
  • Use email, IRC, Discord or other low-visibility methods. Avoid noticeboards or talk pages when reporting.
  • If in doubt, join #miraheze connect.

. If you don't have an IRC client, click the green connect button to launch web-based IRC.

Advice for administrators[edit | edit source]

  • Threats of suicide or self-harm require discretion on the questions of blocking or removal of posts.
  • Threats of violence against others should be met with blocking (generally including removal of talk page access) and possibly blocking email as well. Such threats should be removed; consider also deleting the problematic revision from public view.
  • If in doubt, email the team at ts(at)
  • Notify someone else if you found the threat. You do not have to handle it alone.

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