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The following are closed requests for global rights

Closed requests

Request for CVT

Request for CVT for 開拓者

Wiki1776's Request for Interwiki administrator

AlvaroMolina's Request for Interwiki Administrator

CnocBride's Request for interwiki admin

開拓者's Request for interwiki admin

Pkbwcgs's Request for CVT

Pkbwcgs's Request for CVT (Second request)

Shaunak Chakraborty's Nomination for Interwiki admin

Msnhinet8's Request for CVT

黑底屍's Request for Interwiki-admin (nomination)

Mohamed Saed's Request for interwiki

Anderlaxe's Request for CVT

PaperClip's (former PapercutsExist) Request for Interwiki administrator

Se's Request for CTV