Requests for global rights

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Requests for global rights

This page is designed to be a place to organize all requests for global rights. Rights which can be requested:

Note: Stewardship is requested at Requests for Stewardship only. Global IP block exemption requests can be made at Stewards' noticeboard, if the user is able to edit on-wiki, or via e-mail to stewards(at), if the user is not able to edit on-wiki, provided there is both a well articulated rationale and need for an exemption


  • New requests should be created via the button below to preload recommended fields.
  • There is no fixed time requirement for requests to stay open, but a 7 day period is often recommended in order to give users time to discuss any potential issues, and the candidate should address any concerns raised by members of the community.
  • Remember to update Meta:RecentChanges/Requests with the link to your request.

To add your request, click the "Add request" button below.

Closed requests for global rights [e]   

Ugochimobi's Request for Global Sysop[edit | edit source]

Arcversin‎'s Nomination for Global Sysop[edit | edit source]