Requests for global permissions/Archive 4

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NotAracham's Request for global interwiki administrator

HeyTürkiye's Request for Global sysop

BrandonWM's Nomination for Interwiki Administrator

HeyTürkiye's Request for Global Sysop

Raidarr's Nomination for Global Sysop

NotAracham's Nomination for Global Sysop

DarkMatterMan4500's Request for Global Sysop

Buehl106's Request for global rollbacker

Bukkit's Request for Global Rollbacker

1108-Kiju's Request for Global Rollbacker

BrandonWM's Request for Global Interwiki Administrator

MrJaroslavik (Revocation - Inactivity)

HeyTürkiye's Request for Global Sysop

Tali64³'s Nomination for Global Sysop