Requests for Stewardship

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Requests for Stewardship

This page is a designed to be a place to organize all requests for Stewardship, in accordance with the policy regarding the appointment of Stewards.


  • New requests should be created via the button below to preload recommended fields.
  • Keep in mind that, following the policy, all requests for Stewardships must be commented on by at least 20 unique users and obtain a support ratio of at least 80%.
  • Additionally, there is no fixed time requirement for requests to stay open, but the 20+ users should be given time to discuss any potential issues, and the candidate should address any concerns raised.


PapercutsExist's Request for Stewardship[edit | edit source]

Prueba's Request for Stewardship[edit | edit source]

Revocation of NDKilla as Steward[edit | edit source]