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Findings[edit | edit source]

We have attemepted to link to as much public evidence as possible but unfortunately some evidence will remain private.

  1. Examknow has incorrectly declined wiki requests.
  2. Examknow has acted in an overly blunt manner towards users including when declining wiki requests.
  3. Examknow has mislead users due to overstating his knowledge and ability to be active as well as other lies.
    • We found that when questioned by us, Examknow made statements that are likely to not be full truth and sent investigators round in circles regarding whether logs existed.
    • We found that he made this edit where he changed a visible template to be incorrect and effectively policy without discussion.
    • This diff shows that he claims he wants to be a sysadmin but is not clear on our protocol that has stood for a while.
    • These diffs shows that despite being experienced with mediawiki he lacks knowledge on the use of a signature and pings.
    • At his wiki creator request, following this comment, where he had already claimed he would be active, he became inactive for the remainder of the request and a period after totalling over 3 weeks.
  4. Examknow has likely broke the Code of Conduct while using a Miraheze Cloak on IRC and is therefore reffered additionally to the Code of Conduct Commission.
    • IRC discussions that remain private show he could have violated in channels the Miraheze Code of Conduct and acted in an immature manner.
  5. Examknow's actions may have brought Miraheze into disrepute and/or discouraged users from participating as during first interactions they may have faced unnecessary rudeness and challenges.
    • Based mainly on points 1-3.
  6. Examknow has been evasive to questions on occasion.
    • Answers to some questions asked took a long time to arrive and did not answer full questions. Also, when asked multiple times about how his bot works when requesting it in ##miraheze he has never answered us.
  7. Examknow likely lacks the required competency for roles he holds and has requested.
    • Shown in points 1 and 3
    • An interviewed simple wiki administrator said he would have not given Examknow the patroller and rollback rights due to CIR issues.
    • This shows that he is not following instructions when told and does not have the competency to check on why Phabricator failed.
  8. Examknow has engaged in hat collecting.
    • He has when told to wait requested permission and his sysadmin access request was significantly way ahead of when it should be.
    • The interviewed simple wiki administrator also said he believed Examknow engaged in hat collecting.

Approved by[edit | edit source]

  1. RhinosF1
  2. Reception123
  3. Zppix