Requests and proposals

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Requests and proposals
This is an index of pages where users can make proposals or requests.

On Meta[edit | edit source]

Global proposals and requests[edit | edit source]

Link Description
Community noticeboard General requests for Miraheze improvements, contests, events, collaborations, and services. From important unresolved bugs and feature requests to major new initiatives; a unified summary with pointers to more specific discussions being held elsewhere.
Stewards' noticeboard Bring issues to stewards attention or request they take action in certain cases.
Requests for reopening wikis Request adoption of a wiki closed due to inactivity pursuant to the Dormancy Policy.
Requests for Comment Request community comments and feedback on a proposed change or dispute resolution for Meta or cross-project issues. Report content and users violating Code of Conduct and the Content Policy to this email address. Alternatively, you may also file your report at Stewards' noticeboard, as described above. Additionally, if you have been sanctioned, whether locally or globally, under the Code of Conduct, including on any platform that follows the Code of Conduct, Stewards fulfill the final dispute resolution/appeal avenue previously handled by the former Code of Conduct Commission, where local options have either been exhausted or are otherwise at an impasse. Report content and users violating Terms of Use or users/content that is illegal in the United Kingdom or otherwise in scope of the Trust and Safety team to this email address, or use the TSPortal.
Data Request Process Procedures to request any data about you that Miraheze may have.
Global permissionsrequests
Requests for global permissions Request Global Sysop or Interwiki Administrator.
Requests for Stewardship Request Stewardship.

Local requests[edit | edit source]

Link Description
Requests for (local) permissions Request permissions (administrator, bot, etc) on this wiki.
Meta Administrators' noticeboard Administrators and bureaucrats don't watch every page at all times. Bring up matters that need their attention on this page or discuss local issues.

For your wiki[edit | edit source]

Note that the following pages are guides, and not the actual place to make requests. Actual requests, in general, should be made on Phorge.

Link Description
Request features Request features unavailable in ManageWiki.
Moving a wiki to Miraheze If you want to move to Miraheze, just follow the procedures here.