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If you want to request an extension or configuration change for your wiki, then you have come to the right place. We use an external system, called Phabricator, for handling feature requests. It is pretty much like a ticket system, you create a ticket for your request.

Please register a Phabricator account (please use your MediaWiki account!), and associate an email address with it (so you will be notified when a comment has been posted on your ticket). Our Phabricator installation is hosted on our own servers, so your email address (and any other data you input) won't be transferred to a third party. Note: To use Phabricator your email needs to be verified.

In the past we tracked feature requests on this wiki page (see below for archives), and we instructed our users to put non-extension/configuration requests (such as request for infoboxes or transferring your wiki to Miraheze). On Phabricator, we have different forms you can use for each kind of request:

Types of requests

  • If you want to request an extension and/or configuration change for your wiki, please use this form.
  • For all other kinds of requests, or to report bugs, please use this form.
  • If you want to request an import see Imports
  • If you want to request a backup see Backups
  • For a custom domain see Custom domains

Note: For all requests please include your wiki name!

We try to make the usage of Phabricator as easy as possible. If you need assistance with creating a ticket, please do not hesitate to ask help on IRC or SN.

You can also read this for a in-depth Phabricator tutorial.


Here are all old feature requests that have been archived: