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Requests for Comment
Requests for Comments are an easy way to gather community feedback and to form community consensus on certain proposals, ideas, and issues. Requests for Comments can be used for a variety of purposes where the community should be consulted. Please read the Requests for Comment Policy before participating or initiating a Request for Comment.

RfC creation instructions

Following are some of the instruction to open a request for comment. Before following these steps you are strongly recommended to create a draft proposal and invite users for feedback.

  1. To create a new RfC type the name of the RfC in the below box and click "New Proposal". Describe the RfC in detail.
  2. After your have finished writing the RfC, add it in the open requests section of this page.
  3. Update Meta:RecentChanges/Community with the link to newly created RfC.

Open requests

Draft requests

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