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Private wikis
Miraheze offers private wikis in addition to public ones. Uses include for internal documentation, personal notes, private communities and more. Testing of features may take place as well, but should not be the primary purpose (using the Public Test Wiki is encouraged instead).

En privat wiki är en wiki som inte kan läsas av alla användare. Endast användare i grupperna bureaucrat, administrator och memberkan läsa och/eller redigera privata wikier. Huvudsidan (obs: det gäller bara de som använder "Main_Page" som sin huvudsida!) på dessa wikier, och några få andra sidor (av tekniska skäl) är vitlistade (så de kan läsas av all vemsomhelst).

If a bureaucrat wants to make their public wiki private (or vice versa), they may do so at Special:ManageWiki (on their wiki) and check/uncheck the "private" box.

When requesting a wiki, you can tick the "Private wiki" to request it be private. If you later want to make it private (or public), follow the steps above.

Add users to private wiki

To add a user to your private wiki so that they can edit and read, please do the following:

  1. Make sure the user visited your wiki first.
  2. Go to Special:UserRights on your wiki.
  3. Enter the users' username.
  4. Add them to the member group.


Hiding the Main Page from view


As the Main Page (by default /wiki/Main_Page but can be whatever as defined in your MediaWiki:Mainpage) is not private, you may find it an inconvenience to have such an important page world readable. A workaround of this is to create a new page (for example, Home), then place a redirect from the Main Page to Home; this can be done by writing #REDIRECT [[Home]] as the complete contents of the page.

By doing so, MediaWiki will redirect to another page and then prompt users to login before seeing the page.

Whitelisting pages

To allow some pages to be read without requiring login, you'll need to whitelist them. To do so, go to Manage this wiki's additional settings -> Permissions on your wiki and set the pages you want to be whitelisted in the Whitelist Read ($wgWhitelistRead) section. Once you do that, anyone can read the pages you've whitelisted without needing special rights or to login.