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A private wiki is a wiki that can not be readable by all users. Only users in bureaucrat, administrator and member groups can see and/or edit private wikis. The Main Page (note: this only applies on wikis who use "Main_Page" as the title for their main page!) on these wikis, and a few other pages (for technical reasons), are whitelisted (so they can be read by everyone).

If a bureaucrat wants to make their public wiki private (or vice versa), then they may go to Special:ManageWiki (on their wiki) and check/uncheck the "private" box.

Add users to private wiki

To add a user to your private wiki so that they can edit and read please do the following, (after they've visited the wiki while logged in to their account):

Hiding the Main Page from view

As the Main Page (wiki/Main_page) is not private, it may present you with a problem of rather having contents exposed to others or being left without an easy-to-access homepage. A workaround of this is to create a new page (for example, Home), then place a redirect from the Main Page to Home; this can be done by writing #REDIRECT [[Home]] as the complete contents of the page.