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Phabricator es un software de seguimiento de problemas utilizado para tener seguimiento de solicitudes de características, bugs abiertos, etc.

Se puede encontrar información técnica aquí.

Solicitudes y reportes

  • Si desea solicitar una extensión y/o un cambio de configuración para su wiki, por favor usa este formulario.
  • Si desea reportar un error o cualquier otra cosa, por favor usa este formulario
  • Si desea reportar un problema de seguridad por favor usa este formulario

Para obtener más detalles técnicos, consulte Tech:Phabricator.

Tareas de orientación

  • All feature requests and most configuration changes are triaged as "Normal" by default. There is no need to change the priority of the request as it will not make your request be processed faster. All feature requests and configuration changes are done on a first come, first served basis, wherein your wiki will be configured when all requests before it are either completed or completed to a well enough standard that it is possible to move on.
  • The "High" priority is used when an issue is affecting the whole farm, or causing large issues on one wiki. "Unbreak Now" is used when there is an urgent issue, or the farm is down.
  • Tasks which are not important to the direct functioning of Miraheze, are just ideas or cannot be worked on currently should be triaged as "Low"

If you are unsure about how to triage an issue, please leave it as it is and a System administrator will triage it appropriately.


  • Tags/Projects are used to organize tasks into their relative topics. For example a task titled "Feature request for" would be placed under the "Configuration" tag as this is the tag we put all feature requests and configuration changes under.
  • Extensions that may need to be reviewed are placed under the Extension-Review tag.
  • Tasks that relate to the general running of Miraheze and its servers is placed under the Operations tag.
  • There are countless other tags that are used for a variety of purposes. They can all be viewed here:

Véase también

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