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    Miraheze is operated by various volunteers who all working together to oversee Miraheze and ensure user satisfaction. Officially however, Miraheze has no "staff". The functions that would normally be associated with a staffer of any organisation are instead carried out by an assortment of groups who collaborate together. These groups can be divided into 3 categories: Legal, Technical, and Community.

    Miraheze Limited (Legal)


    Miraheze is officially operated by Miraheze Limited, a not-for-profit company, of the United Kingdom. Miraheze Limited oversees Miraheze's financial status, legal compliance, trademarks, along with other things. The Board of Directors of Miraheze Limited oversees this all and also appoints people to roles that are critical for Miraheze's continued existence (mainly legal ones).

    Board of Directors

    Miraheze Limited is led by a Board of Directors who oversees essential operations and legal matters. The Board is comprised by a maximum of 9 directors, 3 of which may be appointed by the community, 1 which may be appointed by Site Reliability Engineering members and 5 which may be appointed by the directors.

    The current directors are:

    Trust and Safety

    Miraheze Limited has policies in place to ensure compliance with all applicable British laws. These policies are enforced by the Department of Trust and Safety which has been delegated the authority of enforcing these policies by the Board of Directors. The Trust and Safety team enforces policies such as the Terms of Use and oversees Miraheze's compliance with British laws such as child safety, copyright, cybersecurity, data protection legislation among other laws.

    The Director of Trust and Safety is appointed by the Board and then (in consultation with the Board), the Director of Trust and Safety appoints Trust and Safety responders. Currently, the Department of Trust and Safety is composed by the following people:

    Site Reliability Engineering (Technical)

    Site Reliability Engineering members (whose technical team members are often times called system administrators ("sysadmins")) are in charge of Miraheze's technical infrastructure and upkeep. Site Reliability Engineering is divided into two teams: Infrastructure (responsible for servers) and MediaWiki Engineering (responsible for MediaWiki). Both divisions are led by an Engineering Manager who oversees their respective team.

    The Engineering Managers for each division are appointed by the Board. All other SRE members below them are appointed jointly by the managers. The current SRE members are:


    Miraheze is also managed by fellow community members in community-facing roles. These users are usually the ones who you see tending to the bulk of requests on Meta.

    Counter Vandalism Team

    The CVT (Counter Vandalism Team) fights vandalism on Miraheze. It is composed of Stewards, Global Sysops, and Global Rollbackers. Wikis can choose to opt out of the actions of Global Sysops, but not those of Stewards or Global Rollbackers.


    Stewards work to support the global Miraheze community and are the highest ranking community role. Stewards enforce policies such as the Code of Conduct, Content Policy, Username Policy and more along with resolving disputes and tending to other matters. They also oversee roles such as Global Sysops, Interwiki Administrators and Wiki creators. They have access to all features of the MediaWiki platform across all wikis, including CheckUser and Oversight.

    Stewards are appointed by the community following a successful Request for Stewardship. Stewards must sign a non-disclosure agreement with Miraheze Limited. The current Stewards are:

    Global Sysops

    Global Sysops assist Stewards in fighting vandalism across Miraheze. Global Sysops have tools which allow them to fight vandalism across the entire farm but do not have access to tools such as CheckUser or Oversight nor can they read private wikis. They are overseen by Stewards.

    Global Sysops are appointed by the community following a successful Request for Global Rights. The current Global Sysops are:

    Global Rollbackers

    Global Rollbackers are trusted users who help Global Sysops and Stewards revert spam and vandalism across all of Miraheze and assist the Counter Vandalism Team in monitoring wikis for spam and vandalism.

    Global Rollbackers are appointed by the community following a successful Request for Global Rights. The current Global Rollbackers are:

    Interwiki administrators

    Interwiki administrators process and oversee requests for additions to local Interwiki tables following requests from the local community for additions to the table. They are overseen by Stewards.

    Interwiki Administrators are appointed by the community following a successful Request for Global Rights. For a list of current Interwiki Administrators, see Interwiki administrators.

    Wiki creators

    Unlike the previous three groups, this community role, while local to Miraheze Meta, has global impacts despite not being a global group. Wiki creators review wiki requests and process them after verifying that the request will not infringe or violate any global policies. They are overseen by Stewards primarily though SRE may revoke their rights too if their wiki creations become a technical burden on Miraheze.

    Wiki creators are appointed by the community following a successful Request for Permissions. To view a list of current Wiki creators, see Wiki creators.


    Miraheze Meta (this wiki), like any other wiki, has its own bureaucrats and administrators who oversee day-to-day operations on Meta.

    Meta Bureaucrats

    Miraheze Meta bureaucrats are highly trusted users who are appointed by the community. Only they may grant or revoke permissions such as administrator and bot, in accordance with local policy. Meta bureaucrats are also tasked with the responsibility of closing local Requests for Comments.

    Bureaucrats are appointed by the community following a successful Request for Permissions. While not a de jure requirement, it is expected that Meta bureaucrats hold administrator prior to holding bureaucrat and should they lose administrator, they lose their bureaucrat rights. The current Meta Bureaucrats are:

    Meta Administrators

    Meta Administrators are appointed by the community following a successful Request for Permissions. Meta Administrators oversee day-to-day operations on Meta by ensuring local disputes are resolved, deterring and fending off vandalism and spam along with other responsibilities. Meta Administrators also hold the unique ability to edit the global Interwiki table. The current Meta Administrators are:

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