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This is a list of Mirahezians who (a) no longer edit or issue log actions on Miraheze Meta Wiki and who are (b) considered missing by the community.

Purpose of this list[edit | edit source]

The purpose of this list is to provide a reminder of those who have left and their reasons for doing so.

Please do not add users with fewer than ~1,000 global edits (Generally, these edits may not consist copy-pasting, importing or file-uploading edits, these edits must be done by the user). Additionally, do not add people unless you are certain they have left or are otherwise missing in action (hint: it's best to link to a page on a Miraheze wiki or an external website in which the user has a confirmed account to substantiate that they have left or are otherwise missing). Do not add anonymous users identified by their IP address, though this should be self-explanatory. Do not add indefinitely blocked users (this includes globally locked users, other than users who have self-requested a global lock), or yourself. As a courtesy, please leave a message on the person's talk page to let them know that you have added them to this list; they can remove themselves if they ever return.

  • People who leave a goodbye message or a {{user retired}} template on their user page or elsewhere, and then actually refrain from editing for at least 3 weeks are likely to have left permanently and may be added to the list.
  • Wait at least 3 months before listing someone who has simply ceased editing (on Meta), unless you have some other reason for being certain that they have left or are otherwise missing in action (i.e., a user who holds advanced rights on Meta or global Miraheze rights and has not advised of an extended period of inactivity).
  • In most cases, Mirahezians who have gradually adopted a pattern of occasional editing interspersed with long breaks should not be listed merely because they are on one of their breaks.
  • Mirahezians who return are no longer "missing" and therefore should be removed from the list.
  • Mirahezians who have received a courtesy vanishing intentionally want to be missing and should not be listed.
  • If you add your own user name to the list as one of your final edits, your addition might be reverted since it is impossible for a "missing" Mirahezian to make an edit.

All dates featured on this page correspond with UTC times.

Index Numbers and other characters, A—F, G—L, M—R, and S—Z

Numbers and other characters[edit | edit source]

A—F[edit | edit source]

G—L[edit | edit source]

  • ImBoPhil (talkcontribslogs) - Former MediaWiki sysadmin, was last seen on March 15th, 2018, sysadmin rights were revoked on April 27th, 2018 for inactivity.

M—R[edit | edit source]

S—Z[edit | edit source]

  • Southparkfan (talkcontribslogs) - Co-founder of Miraheze. Last contributed in August 2021 after activity diminished. Sysadmin access was revoked on 30 October 2021 after failed attempts by Board & SRE to make contact.