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This page lists the current positions that are needed at Miraheze. The absence of a position/role does not at all mean that volunteers are not needed for that role or area. This list is also not set up in terms of any priority.

Site Reliability Engineering[edit | edit source]

Role: Software Developer[edit | edit source]

Issued by: MediaWiki Engineering Team

Issued on: 14 April 2021

The Miraheze MediaWiki Engineering Team is looking for a new volunteer software developer. A software developer for Miraheze would be tasked with maintaining Miraheze's several extensions and working on requested features and bug reports under the supervision of the MediaWiki Engineering Manager. This person would not (at least initially) have any elevated access, and would submit pull-requests to GitHub which would be reviewed by the members of the MediaWiki Engineering team.


  • Knowledge of the PHP programming language
  • Experienced with the OWASP top ten and secure software development
  • Knowledge of and familiarity with the MediaWiki software (preferred but not mandatory; can be learned as you go)

Responsibilities and duties

  • Maintain Miraheze's extensions: make sure they are compatible with the upcoming version of MediaWiki, respond to bug reports, etc.
  • Work with the MediaWiki Engineering Team and the community to prioritise and develop new features for Miraheze extensions
  • Keep current documentation and help pages/guides for Miraheze extensions up-to date and write new documentation if required

What you get in return

There are many things that one can gain from being a volunteer, here are some examples: building work experience, learning how to operate in a volunteer project and not-for-profit organisation, international experience, improving your curriculum vitae, working with highly skilled and motivated volunteers, meeting new people, working together with communities, etc.

If you are interested in this position or have any questions, please do not hesitate to email sre-mediawiki(at)miraheze.org or if you prefer, contact Reception123 or Universal Omega on IRC or Discord or RhinosF1 on IRC or any member of the MediaWiki Engineering team on-wiki (Meta).

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