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Miraheze Meta is the central collaboration hub for the Miraheze wiki farm which hosts 7.953 wikis

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What is Miraheze Meta?

Miraheze Meta is Miraheze's central collaboration hub where the community discusses issues of global importance and where users can ask for help.

As a democracy, you have a voice in all policy matters through Requests for Comment. All our global administrators, such as Stewards and Global Sysops, are elected by you as well.

You can also solicit help for your wiki. Check out the quick links to the right for ways to request assistance.

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  • Now: Elections for the Board of Directors have concluded and the results are available here.

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We don't bite! Whether you need help, are looking to migrate to Miraheze, or just want to chat with us, we're here for you. Our friendly volunteers will assist you in every step of your wiki journey. Join us!

Discord: https://miraheze.org/discord (recommended)

On-wiki: Help center

Social media:

Facebook: Miraheze

Twitter: @miraheze

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