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Miraheze Meetings Agenda
Read the agenda for the next Miraheze Meeting and suggest ideas!

Agenda for 1 June meeting[edit | edit source]

 Note: After a subject finishes, remember that anyone may interject and propose a subject to talk about. It is intended for each subject to last roughly one hour apiece, but after the structured points are finished they can be revisited in the meeting channel or discussed based on the forthcoming summary

  1. Discuss Steward practices including your questions, concerns and suggestions.
    Other volunteer roles may be discussed as well. How to volunteer as a user or to enter these roles should be discussed later.
  2. Discuss recruitment and retention for volunteers; how to volunteer if you're unsure or what's needed for this or that role is relevant here.
  3. Discuss ways to improve discussion of issues on Miraheze such as how to improve the structure/consistency of these meetings, possible changes to how we approach RfCs and other community discussions, and getting interested participants more quickly aware of and involved in discussions. Basically we're having a meeting on having a meeting.
  4. Community choice: Things deferred in previous points will come up here first followed by whatever people want to bring up from there.

Suggestions[edit | edit source]

Want us to cover something in the next Meeting? Suggest it below! It can be used for a future meeting or integrated in the upcoming one as possible.

Archive[edit | edit source]

Older agendas

Agenda for 15 March Meeting[edit | edit source]

  1. Discuss Fundraiser.
    Discuss UK energy crisis and effects on budget.
  2. Discuss view into the future, into 10 years.
  3. Discuss Code of Conduct reform and other RfXs.
  4. Discuss wiki governance RfC.
  5. Discuss potential global interface admin role and thoughts.
  6. Discuss recent Requests for Comment or community topics.
  7. Listen to comments, feedback, concerns, etc., about absolutely anything on Miraheze.

Agenda for 22 January Meeting[edit | edit source]

  1. Discuss the MediaWiki upgrade, any new features you found, feedback on how we handled it, and report any bugs you found.
  2. Discuss Community Wishlist Survey and what features users want to see on Miraheze
  3. Update on UK energy crisis affecting Miraheze's budget
  4. Discuss recent Requests for Comment or community topics.
  5. Listen to comments, feedback, concerns, etc., about absolutely anything on Miraheze.

Agenda for 15 January Meeting[edit | edit source]

The following is the agenda for the 15 January Miraheze Meeting:

  1. Discuss the migration: how everything went, how everything performs, any complications that arose (if any), how everyone feels now, address any concerns and answer questions.
  2. Discuss Community Wishlist Survey, what do you think about the ideas? What would you like to see implemented?
  3. Discuss 2022, challenges such as fundraising and how people feel about the year.