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Miraheze is excited to announce the launch of "Miraheze Meetings," a new plan to increase community engagement. Every 2-4 weeks, an IRC meeting hosted by the Miraheze Staff Team will take place in on Freenode in the #miraheze-meetings channel, where you can ask questions regarding Miraheze, MediaWiki and other related topics. We will aim to host meetings in alternate Europe and Asian time slots.

If you are interested in potential meetings, you can add your name to the mailing list to be kept up to date and to the availability page to indicate availability.

Anyone can host a meeting by contacting one of the operators listed below, who will book a slot on the Calendar. If you need to speak to a Meeting Operator, type .meetinghelp in our channel.

  1. SPF|Cloud.
  2. Voidwalker
  3. RhinosF1
  4. paladox

Rules[edit | edit source]

  • The IRC space is subject to both IRC and Code of Conduct rules.
  • All meetings must be related to Miraheze, MediaWiki or a connected topic.
  • Meeting hosts must be available 10 mins before a meeting begins.
  • When no meeting is in progress, the operators will be voiced.
  • During a meeting, the hosts will hold the operator status.
  • The meeting hosts have the discretion over who to voice during a meeting.
  • All meetings must be logged using the Meetbot module of ZppixBot. Use .startmeeting to begin.

Calendar[edit | edit source]

View the calendar here