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Miraheze Meetings
A semi-monthly meeting where Miraheze Volunteers discuss what's new at Miraheze and respond to questions and comments raised by users.
Miraheze Meetings are meetings organized by either Miraheze Volunteers or other community members which relate to Miraheze and all connected topics.

Twice a month, on the 1st and 15th, Miraheze Volunteers will hold a meeting of at least an hour and a half in which they'll offer the community an inside look into what's happening at Miraheze. Users will be able to comment on that and ask questions about anything related to Miraheze, MediaWiki, and all connected topics.

Miraheze Meetings are not restricted to the 1st and 15th only, they may be invoked at any time by community members or by Volunteers to discuss topics of interest to the Miraheze community. It is up to the operators whether or not to approve any requests for a Miraheze Meeting to be invoked. If a community request for a Miraheze Meeting is approved, a Meeting Operator will be present for the meeting to moderate it.

All Miraheze Meetings will be hosted on the #miraheze-meetings connect channel on Libera.Chat (which is relayed to Discord on #miraheze-meetings-relay).

n.b. For the purposes of the above, Volunteers is defined as either SRE, Stewards, Global Sysops, or Trust and Safety.

  1. Agent Isai

Next meeting[edit | edit source]

Below is/are the next upcoming Miraheze Meeting(s):

  • Date: 15/7/2022 (15 July, 2022)
  • Time: 20:00 UTC (8PM UTC/4PM EST)
  • Hosts: Agent Isai
  • Available Meeting Operator: Agent Isai
  • Special Guest: Owen
  • Description: Join us as we talk about all things Miraheze! We'll also have special guests coming from the Board of Directors/Trust and Safety who will be joining us to talk about many topics!
  • Logs: Soon!

To see a calendar with all past and future Miraheze Meetings, click here.

Rules[edit | edit source]

  • The IRC and Discord channels are both subject to local rules and the Code of Conduct
  • All meetings must be related to Miraheze, MediaWiki or a connected topic
  • Meeting hosts should be available 10 mins before a meeting begins to unmute the IRC channel and the Discord channel
  • When no meeting is in progress, the operator's will either be voiced or opped
  • During a meeting, the hosts will hold the operator status
  • The meeting hosts have the discretion over who to voice during a meeting
  • All meetings must be logged using a logging bot
    n.b. The recommended logging bot is the Meetbot module of MirahezeBot. Use .startmeeting to begin.