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    Acarakan wiki anda dengan Miraheze

    Pengacara Mediawiki 100% percuma yang dikendalikan oleh pakar sukarelawan

    Mohon satu wiki

    Ketika ini mengacarakan 6788 wiki

    (complete list | directory)

    Komitmen kami

    There's lots of reasons to choose Miraheze! Here's just a few reasons why 6,788 wikis trust us to host them:

    Tiada bayaran

    Tiada iklan

    Offering over 300 extensions and dozens of skins

    Menggunakan versi paling terkini MediaWiki, perisian yang menguasakan Wikipedia

    • Bantuan komuniti sukarela yang mesra, terbuka untuk permintaan anda
    • Community-centric wiki farm which listens to its users

    100% (kod) sumber terbuka

    Kemungkinan untuk domain tersuai

    • HTTPS untuk kesemua wiki

    Pengkalan data percuma dan |repositori imej percuma

    Ketahui lebih lanjut tentang Miraheze dalam soalam lazim kami.

    Hubungi kami

    We don't bite! Whether you need help, are looking to migrate to Miraheze, or just want to chat with us, we're here for you. Our friendly volunteers will assist you in every step of your wiki journey. Join us!

    IRC: #miraheze (disyorkan)

    Discord: https://miraheze.org/discord

    Dekat wiki: Help center

    Social media:

    Facebook: Miraheze

    Twitter: @miraheze


    We're always busy! See what we've been up to lately:

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    Miraheze is made possible by people like you. We're 100% community-supported and never feature ads. Please help us keep providing you with the best service as possible.

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