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Results for survey conducted between 9-16 July

For the users who provided their username and wrote something in the "something to share with us" section, we have replied to you. Please also check your Spam/Junk folders.

Note: Whenever we refer to "people" or "users", we mean the users/people who participated in the survey. Also, if the number of responses is not mentioned, you can assume it is everyone that participated (122)

122 users in total participated in this survey.

What is your Miraheze username? (use 'Anonymous' if you want to remain anonymous)

103 users gave their username. Most users are regular wiki users, with a few volunteers.

What is the URL of your wiki? (if you have multiple wikis, please choose one)

122 (existing) wikis here.

Where are you located?

Most people who took the survey are located in Europe (43.3%) while next comes North America (28.3%) followed by Asia with 14.2%.

2017 survey location.png

How many wikis have you had created at Miraheze?

The majority, 61.5% (75 people) have one wiki, 15.6% (19 people) have 2, 1.6% (3 people) have 3, 5.7% (7 people) have 4 or more and 15.6% (19 people) don't have any wiki of their own.

2018 Survey wikis.png

Why did you choose Miraheze?

As you can see, most people chose us because of free hosting (81.1%) as well as for no ads (73.8.8%).

2018 Survey why.png

Custom settings (46.7%) and being driven by the community (40.2%) also came up high.

How did you find out about Miraheze?

Note: There were a lot of "Other" responses since some users wrote different variations of the same thing. (Many of the answers are in reference to different "Wikia" wikis)

2018 Survey sources.png

It seems like most users found us by "Google Search", the next source is the MediaWiki page with just 14.8%

Who mostly uses your wiki?

Some answers here were a bit too specific, as the question indicated *mostly* so there were also a lot of "Other" responses here.

2018 Survey wiki users.png

What is the main purpose of your wiki?

Note: There were a lot of "Other" responses since some users wrote different variations of the same thing.

2018 Survey purpose.png

There is no clear majority here.

Scale 1-10 Questions

Wiki creation speed (106 responses) 2018 Survey wiki creation.png Speed of applying configuration changes (100 responses) 2018 Survey feature requests.png
Speed of installing new extensions (91 responses) 2018 Survey extensions.png Uptime (being able to access the site) (122 responses) 2018 Survey uptime.png
Interaction with the community (102 responses) 2018 Survey community.png Interaction with staff (103 responses) 2018 Survey staff.png
Overall satisfaction with Miraheze (122 responses) 2018 Survey overall.png

Wiki creation speed: Most people were satisfied with the time it took to create their wiki, but a few were not.

Speed of applying configuration changes: Most people were also satisfied with this, and this should also not be a concern anymore once ManageWiki is fully capable of changing settings.

Speed of installing new extensions: Many people were happy with this, but there were still a few negative reviews. We need to work on quicker extension reviewing.

Uptime (being able to access the site): Uptime is a very important factor, and some responses here were not very good, and uptime should be 10/10. We must also work on uptime.

Interaction with the community: Most people gave grades higher than 8, but some feel like the interaction with the community isn't that good

Interaction with staff: Most people think the interaction with staff is good, although some think it isn't that good, which should be improved.

Overall satisfaction with Miraheze: This one had generally great ratings, thank you everyone!

Which ways did you know about to contact Miraheze?

Most users knew at least one of the ways to contact us, some people knew several, or even all of them. There were still 15 users who chose the "I don't know" option, which is something that we need to fix.

2018 Survey contact.png

Bureaucrats: Until now, did you know that you can now use Special:ManageWiki to enable/disable extensions/skins and change your logo/favicon (as well as new upcoming settings)?

It is not good to see that almost half of the users did not know about ManageWiki. ManageWiki should be announced better.

2018 Survey managewiki.png

How often do you access Miraheze?

Mixed answers here, most users (32%) chose several times per day.

2018 Survey access time.png

Where do you usually access Miraheze from?

The vast majority of users (66.4%) access Miraheze from their homes, while the other majority either from work, or both home and work.

2018 Survey access locations.png

From which devices do you access Miraheze?

Most access Miraheze from either a desktop (63.1%) or laptop (64.8%) device, next are smartphones (49.2%) and tablets (13.9%). One user also accesses Miraheze from a Smart TV, and another one from a gaming platform.

2018 Survey access devices.png

What do you think should be improved at Miraheze?

57 responses

I will be listing the main points mentioned here:

  • Uptime (most people said this)
  • Links in ManageWiki (Yes check.svg Done)
  • Tutorials/Documentation
  • Continuity of services
  • 503 errors

Uptime is something that we need to work on.

Note: Some things were moved to the next question, since they were more feature requests

What new services/features would you like to see available at Miraheze?

44 responses

I will be listing the main points mentioned here:

  • Statistics and analytics
  • Better explanation of how MediaWiki is used
  • A profit based option
  • Allow bureaucrats to add interwiki links
  • Fonts
  • Ability to rename wikis
  • Advertisements
  • Allow users to delete accounts
  • Built-in templates
  • Suggestion list when adding links to the edited article

Most points here are possible, and some such as Statistics are already ongoing projects. Advertising is not possible since it is against our Privacy policy and we do not want any advertising on our wikis.

Would you recommend Miraheze to a friend?

It is very nice to see that 92.6% of users would recommend Miraheze, and that 5.7% would maybe recommend it. It is however sad that two users would not recommend Miraheze to a friend.

2018 Survey recommend.png

Do you have anything else you would like to share with us?

44 responses

These, as long as the other long-text questions have been answered by email. Please check your Spam/Junk folders as well