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Miraheze celebrates three years!

Wikis of the World, Unite!
  • Wikis hosted: 8838 wikis
  • Unique visitors: 8000 / day (5x annual increase)

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Get Involved
The easiest way to help out is to find a wiki you're interested in, click the edit button, and start contributing.
Want to start a wiki of your own? Request a private or community wiki here on Miraheze, all features available free of charge!
Have time and some technical skill? Check out our GitHub repositories and Phabricator issue tracker. All help is appreciated. Also check Contributing and Miraheze Vacancies for more ways to help.
And if you want to see Miraheze continue to provide high-quality service and uptime, consider a donation to Miraheze through our Paypal account.
Meet our volunteers
System Administrator (Operations)
Hi all, i joined the Operations team in April 2018. Since then over 506 more wiki's have joined miraheze. The Operations team has been busy behind the scenes improving services we provide for wiki's. Since i have joined the operations team we have managed to finish the upgrade to Debian 9, migrate to php 7.2 and do some server upgrades. The survey that has been done this year is really good! Over 122 responses. John and Southparkfan have created a really good wiki hoster!
Miraheze sure has come far this year, with various improvements and fixes to: infrastructure, CreateWiki, and ManageWiki; we've steadily been making it easier for an individual to make changes and configure their wiki just the way they like it with minimal assistance from staff. Not that staff interaction is a bad thing, it's just that now we have more time to work on other features and improvements. Not to mention, there's also significantly less time between you wanting an extension and having that extension.

As always, we could also do with help with, well, anything! If you have any suggestions to improve our services, please don't be afraid of asking about it. If you just want to help out, but are not sure how to get started, please, drop me a line. I would be happy to help you get started!

Operations & Steward
The third year is here. I’ve been hit and miss the past year for a number of reasons but I’m glad I’ve come back to a project I helped shape still going strongly. The last few months have seen great progress being made on ManageWiki which we finally got up to working order in line with our plans made in August 2015 for the feature. Furthermore with plans to finally introduce analytics for users to view over the upcoming months paired with other exciting projects being carried out, this is destined to be one of the projects most successful periods. Now to repeat something I said exactly two years because it is still relevant, “Let's continue to go forward as a community, as a team and make something special with Miraheze.”
System administrator (Operations)
Miraheze has now been online for 3 years, and I am glad that I've been here for these years. We've gone far these years, with new volunteers, more wikis (about 2800), and the long awaited ManageWiki service developed in large part by John, and other technical changes. I am sure that we'll will continue to develop new features and make the use of our wikis easier for users, one of the most requested features after ManageWiki being statistics. I hope you are all satisfied with our service, and if you have any questions feel free to ask me or any other volunteer. Happy anniversary Miraheze!
Chief Financial Officer, Software Developer
MediaWiki System Administrator
System administrator (Operations)
MediaWiki System Administrator
System administrator (Operations)
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