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Miraheze celebrates one year!

One year ago today, the first steps were taken to build a new kind of wiki hosting service. Miraheze was established to provide a platform based on open source and open cultural values. In just that one short year, we have built a thriving wiki farm gaining new editors and new wikis every day.

But this celebration not just about what we have built, but about you, the readers, editors, and sysops of our wikis. We built our platform for sharing knowledge, not for sharing personal data. Miraheze will stay advertising free, and does not share your personal information with anyone else. We deliver all traffic though HTTPS, so your browsing history stays secure.

And we proved that it is possible to run a nonprofit wiki farm entirely on community support. Donations cover our expenses and will allow us to invest in the coming year. Volunteers provide all of our community services, and anyone is welcome to contribute to our software. So thank you all for your contributions!

From here, we're looking to expand in the future. We are developing tools to make it easy for wiki managers to customize their wikis. We want to continue to grow our existing communities, and promote Miraheze as a platform. And of course, we will continue to improve site stability and availability while increasing available features. You can let us know what you think is important by taking our survey.

Thanks to everyone for taking this journey with us. Happy first anniversary, Miraheze!

-- Brent "Labster" Laabs

Wikis of the World, Unite!
  • Wikis hosted: 1250 wikis
  • Unique visitors: 1500 / day
  • Servers: 10 VPS
  • Cash reserve: $425.64 USD
  • Community donations: $38.45 / month
  • Cash Burn Rate: $46.01 / month
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The easiest way to help out is to find a wiki you're interested in, click the edit button, and start contributing.
Want to start a wiki of your own? Request a private or community wiki here on Miraheze, all features available free of charge!
Have time and some technical skill? Check out our GitHub repositories and Phabricator issue tracker. All help is appreciated.
And if you want to see Miraheze continue to provide high-quality service and uptime, consider a donation to Miraheze through our Paypal account.
History of Miraheze
  • 22 July 2015: first servers were bought, testing Miraheze beta and fixing bugs for now
  • 2 August 2015: Miraheze was opened to the public
Meet our volunteers
System Administrator
Hi, I'm John, I'm a system administrator and co-founder at Miraheze. Miraheze began in several places and at several different times, the initial idea for a new wiki farm which stuck to its core values of being a community resource where the community has the final say began early in 2015. The process of planning on how such as platform would be built and engineered began in early July with with the launch then designed for August.

Over the past year, Miraheze has come on a lot, there's been the positives and then there's also the negatives in any projects. We always try and build on the negatives as any negatives aren't bad, they're just opportunities to grow as a project. As a project, I feel were only just at the beginning of our life and at least over the next year, we'll continue to grow in new and unpredicted ways.

The goals we have over the next six months are set to ensure we continue to push forward in providing more power to communities to run independently from us, without every little change they want having to go through us, because that's not how things should be. Let's continue to go forward as a community, as a team and make something special with Miraheze.
System Administrator
Hi, I am Southparkfan, system administrator and co-founder of Miraheze.

So, we celebrate one year. This year is not what I expected it to be. It was very exciting to launch Miraheze, and it's stunning to see how popular Miraheze is! We're hosting over 1250 wikis at the moment, and I am very happy to see more and more wikis are using our services. I absolutely do not regret being part of this awesome project!

My feelings about this year are mixed. I enjoyed the collaboration with the other volunteers a lot, as well as helping our users to get the best out of their wikis. Unfortunately, Miraheze went through very rough times too, but I try to stay positive, and will use those moments so I can learn how we can improve Miraheze even more.

For this year nothing will drastically change for me. My work here will continue, and I will focus on our goals, and improving the services towards our users.

If you want to get in touch with me, or would like to improve Miraheze, please do not hesitate to do so. Whether you want to help our users, donate to us, improve the software, or something else, every contribution to Miraheze is very important for us.

Thanks for making Miraheze better than ever. Much love,

MediaWiki System Administrator
Hi, I'm Justin, and I commonly go by "NDKilla" on many sites, including this one.

I haven't been with Miraheze since its creation on July 22 of last year, but I was around really early on. I, like many of the others on this page, was one of the earliest Meta wiki administrators and I helped set up many of the pages still in use. After sticking around Miraheze for a while and having my own wikis created here, I became a MediaWiki system administrator to help with feature requests and Mediawiki-related maintenance tasks. After becoming a MediaWiki system administrator, I became one of Miraheze's Stewards. I then got elevated rights that include full sudo rights on our Mediawiki servers, but my focus still remains on all Mediawiki related tasks.

I'm honored to be a part of what Miraheze is and has become, and what it will continue to be.

For more information about me, please see my Meta wiki user page.
Wiki Creator, Meta Administrator
Hi, I'm Reception123. I found Miraheze about one year ago, before it was actually a site yet. I was searching for John, one of the founders, on IRC so I could ask him something to do with a techincal problem. I searched for a while and then found the #miraheze channel where Southparkfan and John explained the project and everything. I thought this was a great project, so why not take part of it as a volunteer?
Since then, I've been here volunteering as a wikicreator, Meta administrator and helping out with feature requests (like extensions, settings changes, logos, uetc.). I have not been very active over all of the year, but I try to be as active as possible, so that I can help as many users as possible with their requests or wikis. I try to help everywhere I can, but of course, there's some thing I don't have enough experience to do, yet.
Thank you for letting me be part of this great project and I hope it will continue for a long time, and that I will continue volunteering at Miraheze for a long time! Good luck to everyone at Miraheze!
Chief Financial Officer, Software Developer
I came into Miraheze as a person who just wanted to run a wiki that had suffered from the fall of another wiki farm. All The Tropes is a wiki about literary analysis of popular entertainment -- and who doesn't like that? But it's also a wiki with custom extensions and software, run by volunteers who want to make content not run servers. And given our past history with advertising leading to censorship, we can't afford to be on a wiki farm driven by profit.

Miraheze is an invaluable resource to people who run wikis, because you can be exactly as involved as you want to be. If you just want a simple site with VisualEditor so you can get to writing, we have that. If you want to be involved in writing software and customizing settings, you can do that too. And we of Miraheze will try our best to do the rest while staying out of your way.

As I found myself drawn into the Miraheze project, I've found it to be engaging and fun. As we're not driven by profit, we get a chance to make what we feel is the best for the community. And I'm heartened by the fact that the wiki community supports our efforts with their own time and money. It's not a secret that I'm the largest donor of money, but it's worth pointing out that even without my contributions Miraheze's users provide enough support every month to keep the site running. Even without asking all of our users for $3.

As we look to the future, I feel like we need to invest in expanding our outreach. This can take a lot of forms. We want to build tools and write documentation to make starting and configuring wikis easier. We need to make it easier to find our wikis, and advertise our service. And when we get large enough, we will incorporate as a real nonprofit.

Despite what people have been telling me, I don't think we need a grand plan to take over the wiki world. If we play to our strengths -- reliable, customizable, secure, open source service -- then success will come. For wikis like All The Tropes, Miraheze has already been a great success. If this is how far we've come in one year, I look forward to what Miraheze will do in the next.

Hasta la victoria siempre
System Administrator
Wiki Creator
Wiki Creator
Wiki Creator
Wiki Creator
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