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Hello! If you just became a wiki creator or want to become one, reading this page is very important, and can/will help you a lot.

Approving requests[edit source]

Before continuing, make sure you want to approve the request. The description of the request should be describing what the wiki will be used for, and you should make sure that the wiki's purpose is not incompatible with the Content Policy.

  1. Access the request at Special:RequestWikiQueue.
  2. Access the "Handle request" tab.
  3. Click submit. You can leave the reason field blank, as the system will automatically refer to the request; however, if you one of those wiki creators who adds an optional step of rationalizing your approvals, you may continue noting this in the request comments tab, ideally prior to creating the wiki but shortly after is also fine, too.
  4. Make sure the wiki is created, the Main Page is displayed, and a bureaucrat exists on the wiki. This last point is especially important and can be done either by (a) visiting the wiki or (b) using Special:CentralAuth and inputting the exact username of the requestor.

You're done!

Requesting clarification on requests[edit source]

If a wiki request requires clarification or follow up, you should:

  1. Use the handle request tab.
  2. Select decline.
  3. Ask the requestor what sort of information you required (i.e., missing or unclear purpose, scope, and/or topic; something about the request gives you pause with respect to Content Policy; or some other reason) and instruct them to go back into [[Special:RequestWikiQueue/#####]] (where ##### represents the five-digit numerical identification number of the request) and add to, but not to replace, their existing description with the required information.

Declining requests[edit source]

If a request description indicates that it will or has a strong potential to violate the Content Policy it should be declined by accessing the "Handle request" tab, selecting decline and providing a reason. If the description is not detailed enough in order to make a determination you can also ask the requester to add more details by editing the request.

If you are unsure about how to handle a request or whether to decline it or not, you are free to leave it to another wiki creator.

Notifications[edit source]

Notifications on wiki creation/decline are handled by the software, which will send the user an Echo notification (ping) when the request is approved or declined. Additionally, however, you may wish to notify the user on their user talk page with Template:Uw-invalidwikireq when declining their wiki request. This is optional, however.