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Hello! If you just became a wiki creator or want to become one it would be very useful if you would read this page.

Creating wikis[edit source]

Before continuing, make sure you want to approve the request.

  1. Access the request at Special:RequestWikiQueue.
  2. Under the "Toolbox" section click CreateWiki.
  3. Verify that ALL the details are correct. (BEWARE: the wiki domain field cannot contain -, the hyphen-minus character.)
  4. Click submit.
  5. Make sure wiki is created, main page is displayed, and a bureaucrat exists on the wiki.
  6. Go back to the request page, write Approved or Done and click submit. (You have to refresh the page to see the change.)
  7. Notify the user with Template:Wiki created (please check if there is a specific language version i.e. Wiki created/fr), (or Template:Wiki created(CD) if a custom domain was provided), make sure to substitute the template! Use it this way {{subst:Wiki created|}} NOTE: See "Notifications" below

You're done!

For inappropriate wiki names/content please deny if you are not sure, or leave it to someone else.

Use {{Requestdenyexists}} for wikis that already exist, {{Requestdenymalformed}} for malformed domains, {{Requestdenyinvalid}} for invalid requests (which generally need additional descriptions), and {{Requestdenytesting}} for test wiki requests.

Custom domains[edit source]

For custom domains, please create a Miraheze subdomain first.

Example: would be

Use {{subst:Wiki created(CD)|}}

Notifications[edit source]

For automatic notifications after creating a wiki, you can add the line below to your common.js or your global.js


ManageWiki[edit source]

What to do is pretty straightforward. Please include what you changed in the Comments section!