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This page documents a Miraheze global policy, this policy follows consensus and/or Staff guidelines. All Miraheze users should follow it, and changes made to it should be discussed on the talk page.

維基建立員(Wiki creators)是一個能夠批准或拒絕維基申請的用戶權限。他們能夠訪問Special:CreateWiki,也能在維基申請表上看到額外的資訊與欄位。


用戶可能會由自己或受他人提名維基建立員職位,提名地點為Meta:Requests for permissions。無論提名是否接受(提交申請就會立即生效,除非由其他人提名),申請至少會開放三天。這段期間社群用戶可以對候選人的申請提出 SupportSymbol neutral vote.svg Abstain Oppose






維基建立員的權限可能會因下列原因遭監管員移除: a)在建立維基時,重複性地違反內容方針 b) 濫用權利。倘若維基建立員(故意)破壞(以技術方面來看)或為系統管理員增加不合理的工作量,屆時權限可能會遭系統管理員移除。如果您覺得有維基建立員濫用特權,請向監管員聯絡。

Readdition of rights

Wiki creators who have had their rights removed by a steward or system administrator, regardless of reason, may request their rights back by following the Appointment procedure.

System administrators

System administrators (see this page for a list of current system administrators) may be granted these privileges without community appointment and are also exempt from any activity requirements. However, the inactivity exemption ends immediately from the moment a user is no longer in the system administrator group.


  • Last updated: 20 1月 2020
User name Languages spoken Other rights IRC nick
Bonnedav en-n Autopatrolled Bonnedav
CnocBride en-n Autopatrolled, CVT, Interwiki administrators, CnocBride
Guy vandegrift Unknown Autopatrolled Unknown
HeartsDo fr-n, en-2 Autopatrolled HeartsDo
NDKilla en-n Administrator, Steward, System Administrator PuppyKun
FireBarrier101 en-n, fr-5, es-4, ja-4, no-3, it-2, ko-3, nl-3 Autopatrolled, Interwiki administrators
(En:The Pioneer)
ja-n, en-4, fr-3, it-3, es-3, lzh-3, de-2, pt-2, zh-HANT-2 Administrator, Steward The_Pioneer
Reception123 ro-n, en-4, fr-3 Administrator, System Administrator, CVT Reception123 or Reception|away
Revi ko-n, en-3 Administrator revi
RhinosF1 En-n, Fr-1 Administrator RhinosF1
Hispano76 es-n, en-0 Autopatrolled, Interwiki administrators Hispano76
Void en-n, es-2 Administrator, Steward Voidwalker
Zppix en-n Administrator, CVT, Sysadmin Zppix
Eduaddad pt-n, en-3, es-2 Autopatrolled Eduaddad
Examknow en-N, es-2, fr-2 N/A Examknow
Wolf vi-N, en-4, en-gb-3, ja-0, zh-0 Autopatrolled Wolf20482
Hypercane en-N Autopatrolled Hypercane