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此頁面提供有關 Meta-Wiki 的維基建立員(wiki-creator)的資訊以及相關政策。

維基建立員(Wiki creators)是一個能夠批准或拒絕維基申請的用戶權限。他們能夠訪問Special:CreateWiki,也能在維基申請表上看到額外的資訊與欄位。

目前有6 名維基建立員


Users may be nominated or nominate themselves for the role of wiki creator by placing a request on Meta:Requests for permissions. Whenever the nomination is accepted (if nominated by someone else, otherwise submitting the request is immediate acceptation), a request must stay open for at least three (3) days. During this period, anyone from the community members having created an account before the permissions request in question may vote  Support,  Neutral or  Oppose on a candidate's request. They may also choose to add questions or comments to the request.

Unlike some other user groups, there is no minimum support percentage for the wiki creator role. A Steward will close the request and decide based on the comments from community members.

System administrators

System administrators (see this page for a list of current system administrators) may be granted these privileges without community appointment and are also exempt from any activity requirements. However, the inactivity exemption ends immediately from the moment a user is no longer in the system administrator user group.




為了方便計算,僅考慮在 Meta Wiki 上的編輯、日誌操作。



  1. 在建立維基時,多次違反內容方針
  2. 明確地可以看出該建立員主要是建立自己使用的維基,而非為其他使用者創建。
  3. 屢次違反行為準則或是全域政策
  4. 多次建立描述不明確的維基 which could not possibly have allowed them to determine whether they would violate the Content Policy and/or which have caused an excessive amount of work for Stewards and/or Global Sysops as a result.

Additionally, the rights may also be removed by a system administrator if the wiki creator (potentially) causes damage (from a technical view) or creates unreasonable workload for System administrators. If you feel a wiki creator is misusing their privileges, please contact a Steward.




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+/- 使用者名稱 慣用語 其他權限 IRC上的Libera Chat的暱稱
Agent Isai en-N, es-N, fr-3 Agent
Amanda Catherine en-CN-N, en-5, en-GB-2, es-3 autopatrolled AmandaCath
Jph2 en-N
Redmin bn-N, en-4
Tali64³‎ en-N
Zppix en-N administrator Zppix


The following is a chart of wiki creators/zh-tw.
User:Jph2User:Tali64³User:NotArachamUser:BukkitUser:StartusUser:RaidarrUser:RaidarrUser:AvengiumUser:Agent IsaiUser:ChrsUser:DarkMatterMan4500User:IntegerUser:Waki285User:RedminUser:NaleksuhUser:CircleyDoesExtracterUser:そらたこUser:Universal OmegaUser:FurricaneUser:DmehusUser:MrJaroslavikUser:Sario528User:シュヴァルツUser:ChipWolfUser:CmgUser:TBCtableEXUser:HypercaneUser:Gustave LondonUser:ExamknowUser:Amanda CatherineUser:RhinosF1User:SA 13 BroUser:BonnedavUser:FungsterUser:EduaddadUser:PkbwcgsUser:Hispano76User:Msnhinet8User:Centrist16User:開拓者User:ÆROUser:OlegCinemaUser:PaladoxUser:CoolieCoolsterUser:GOTILONUser:ItsPugleUser:Sau226User:ABA4342345BB871590000BE3BBB2F5E8User:HeartsDoUser:CnocBrideUser:ZppixUser:AlvaroMolinaUser:SamuelUser:Lawrence-PrairiesUser:VoidUser:Guy vandegriftUser:MacFan4000User:TheresNoTimeUser:CoreyUser:XOFUser:SammyUser:TriXUser:LabsterUser:SleepyModeUser:reviUser:NDKillaUser:Reception123