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目前共有7 名维基创建者


如用户欲申请此权限,应当在Meta:Requests for permissions中提出关于维基创建者的权限请求讨论。而无论何时接受提名(如果此讨论的对象是被其他用户提名的,否则为立即接受),关于此权限申请的讨论必须至少进行三天,在此期间,任何人都可以就此权限申请/提名投出 Support Oppose票或投出 Neutral票。同时,参与讨论者也可以对候选人提出问题或就某一有关事项发布自己的观点、意见。

A request will be considered successful if all of the following conditions are met:

  • at least 5 users have voted to support
  • there is a support ratio of 80% or greater
  • a minimum period of seven (7) days has elapsed since start of voting.

Stewards may close the request once adequate consensus (or lack of consensus) has been reached and the period of 7 days has elapsed.


Wiki Creators are elected by the Miraheze community. However, the following conditions must be met in order for the candidate to be eligible to serve:

  • Have at least 200 total global edits on Miraheze (on more than one wiki)
    • ( Note: These edits may not consist of directly copy/pasting content from other wikis, they must be edits done by the user);
  • Have had their Miraheze account for at least 2 months; and,
  • Be involved in some way in community matters (in discussions on the Community noticeboard, etc.)

If these conditions are not met, the user may not be a candidate for Wiki Creator and the request will be closed as unsuccessful.







Steward Revocation

A wiki creator's rights may be removed by a Steward if the wiki creator has:

  1. Repeatedly violated the Content Policy when creating wikis;
  2. Mainly created wikis for their own use, and are not focused on their role of creating wikis for other users;
  3. Repeatedly violated the Global Conduct Policy, Volunteer Conduct Policy, or any other global policies; or,
  4. Repeatedly created wikis with inadequate descriptions which could not possibly have allowed them to determine whether they would violate the Content Policy and/or which have caused an excessive amount of work for Stewards and/or Global Sysops as a result.
    The fourth criterion may or may not also involve the first criterion, but is a lower threshold and relates to a wiki creator repeatedly creating wikis apparently indiscriminately without apparent regard for wiki requests having sufficient descriptions. In such cases, as would be the case in the first three criteria, wiki creators would be formally warned by one or more Stewards.
Community Revocation

The community can initiate a vote of no confidence or a request of removal at any time. In order for it to pass it needs:

  • at least 5 users to share their view
  • a support ratio of at least 50%
  • a period of one week has passed since it started
  • at least one of the criteria in Steward Revocation has been fulfilled

Stewards may review and close requests for removal once consensus (or lack of consensus) has been reached and the minimum period of one week has been reached.

System Administrator Revocation

Additionally, the rights may also be removed by a system administrator if the wiki creator (potentially) causes damage (from a technical view) or creates unreasonable workload for System administrators.

If you feel a wiki creator is misusing their privileges, please contact a Steward.




  • 最后更新: 2024-01-30
  • 维基创建者总数: 7
+/- 用户名 会讲何种语言 其他权限 IRC昵称
1108-Kiju ja-N, en-3 administrator, steward
Agent Isai en-N, es-N, fr-3 autopatrolled, bureaucrat, administrator, interface administrator, central notice manager, steward, system administrator Agent
BrandonWM en-N, es-3 patroller, global rollbacker BrandonWM
Jph2 en-N autopatrolled
NotAracham en-N, es-1, ja-1 autopatrolled, bureaucrat, administrator, steward NotAracham
Reception123 ro-N, en-5, fr-4, es-1, de-1 autopatrolled, bureaucrat, administrator, steward, system administrator Reception123
Redmin bn-N, en-4 autopatrolled
Void en-N autopatrolled, administrator, steward, system administrator Voidwalker
Zppix en-N bureaucrat, administrator Zppix


The following is a chart of wiki creators/zh-cn.
User:BrandonWMUser:1108-KijuUser:Jph2User:Tali64³User:NotArachamUser:BukkitUser:StartusUser:RaidarrUser:RaidarrUser:AvengiumUser:Agent IsaiUser:ChrsUser:DarkMatterMan4500User:IntegerUser:Waki285User:RedminUser:NaleksuhUser:CircleyDoesExtracterUser:そらたこUser:Universal OmegaUser:FurricaneUser:DmehusUser:MrJaroslavikUser:Sario528User:シュヴァルツUser:ChipWolfUser:CmgUser:TBCtableEXUser:HypercaneUser:Gustave LondonUser:ExamknowUser:Amanda CatherineUser:RhinosF1User:SA 13 BroUser:BonnedavUser:FungsterUser:EduaddadUser:PkbwcgsUser:Hispano76User:Msnhinet8User:Centrist16User:開拓者User:ÆROUser:OlegCinemaUser:PaladoxUser:CoolieCoolsterUser:GOTILONUser:ItsPugleUser:Sau226User:ABA4342345BB871590000BE3BBB2F5E8User:HeartsDoUser:CnocBrideUser:ZppixUser:AlvaroMolinaUser:SamuelUser:Lawrence-PrairiesUser:VoidUser:Guy vandegriftUser:MacFan4000User:TheresNoTimeUser:CoreyUser:XOFUser:SammyUser:TriXUser:LabsterUser:SleepyModeUser:reviUser:NDKillaUser:Reception123


User:John/WikiStats - regularly updated raw data source from a MariaDB database query showing the total wiki creations of current and former wiki creators and total wiki creations of current and former wiki creators since 1 January 2020