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This page is a translated version of the page Meta:Wiki creators' guide and the translation is 6% complete.
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Hallo! Als je net een wiki-creator bent geworden of er een wilt worden, is het lezen van deze pagina erg belangrijk, en kan/zal je veel helpen.

Before continuing, make sure you want to approve the request. The description of the request should be describing what the wiki will be used for, and you should make sure that the wiki's purpose is not incompatible with the Content Policy.

  1. Access the request at Special:RequestWikiQueue.
  2. Access the "Handle request" tab.
  3. Choose one of the reasons from the drop-down, depending on the quality of the wiki request ("perfect", "good", "okay").
  4. Make sure the wiki is created, the Main Page is displayed, and a bureaucrat exists on the wiki. This last point is especially important and can be done either by (a) visiting the wiki or (b) using Special:CentralAuth and inputting the exact username of the requestor.

You're done!

Requesting clarification on requests

If a wiki request requires clarification or follow up, you should:

  1. Use the handle request tab.
  2. Select decline.
  3. Choose one of the reasons from the drop-down. If you feel that the reasons are too general and something specific must be said, you can use the "Request Comments" tab to add a specific comment or question.

Declining requests

If a request description indicates that it will or has a strong potential to violate the Content Policy it should be declined by accessing the "Handle request" tab, selecting decline and selecting one of the reasons. If the description is not detailed enough in order to make a determination you can also ask the requester to add more details by editing the request.

If you are unsure about how to handle a request or whether to decline it or not, you are free to leave it to another wiki creator.


Notifications on wiki creation/decline are handled by the software, which will send the user an Echo notification (ping) when the request is approved or declined. Additionally, however, you may wish to notify the user on their user talk page with Template:Uw-invalidwikireq when declining their wiki request. This is optional, however.