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This page provides information on the 'user' user group on Meta-Wiki and why do people need to create an account.

Users are considered people logged into an account. In other words, users are the people who have registered an account with Miraheze.

Why being a user?[edit source]

Miraheze gives users all the basic functionalities for being a user. For example, a logged-out user can edit, but their IP address will be leaked to the public, and a user can edit, showing only their usernames instead of their IP addresses. Another example would be that a logged-out user cannot edit pages protected at allow only logged-in users, but a user can. The logged-out user is also known as an anonymous user. They are not very anonymous, their IP address is shown, which can be used to track the user.

Users on Meta can also do things that anonymous users cannot. They can request the adoption of Closed wikis at Requests for reopening wikis page which is protected at allow only logged-in users level and request a new wiki, but anonymous users cannot. If you are new to this wiki, make sure to create an account if you haven't done so already.

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