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和語言相關的 userbox 會由Babel插件自動生成並放置於所有的 Miraheze 維基中;與權限、興趣……等相關的 userbox 則應該在各維基中由使用者手動建立模板。以下是 Miraheze Meta 上可用的 userbox 模板。

A list of all user boxes can be found in Category:Userboxes

Userboxes 列表


{{Userboxtop}} and {{Userboxbottom}} -- Place it at the first and last where the user box will be placed. (The user administrator user box here is an example.)

This user is an administrator on Meta. (verify)

User rights

{{User administrator}} -- 管理員

This user is an administrator on Meta. (verify)

{{User bureaucrat}} -- 官方

This user is a bureaucrat on Meta. (verify)

{{User autoconfirmed}} -- For Autoconfirmed users

This user has autoconfirmed rights on Meta.

{{User confirmed}} -- For Confirmed users

This user has confirmed rights on Meta. (verify)

{{User autopatrolled}} -- 自動巡邏員

This user has autopatrolled rights on Miraheze Meta. (verify)

{{User global IP block exemption}} -- For Global IP block exemption users

{{User translation administrator}} -- For translation administrators

This user is a translation administrator on Meta. (verify)

{{User wikicreator}} -- 維基建立員

This user is a wiki creator on Miraheze. (verify)

{{User steward}} -- For Stewards

This user is a Miraheze steward. (verify)

{{User system administrator}} -- 系統管理員

This user is a Miraheze system administrator. (verify)

{{User CVT}} -- CVT 團隊

This user is part of the Miraheze Counter Vandalism Team. (verify)

Social Media

{{GitBox}} -- 任何在 Github 上協助 Miraheze 的使用者

This user helps Miraheze on GitHub.

{{User phorge}} -- 在$phab上協助 Miraheze 的使用者

This user helps Miraheze on Phorge.