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Userboxes are small boxes used to put on your userpage so people can see your interests, rights, languages spoken, etc.

While userboxes related to languages are automatically generated by the Babel extension on Miraheze Wikis, userboxes related to user rights, interests, etc. should be created manually as a userbox template. Listed below are userbox templates available on Miraheze meta.

A list of all user boxes can be found in Category:Userboxes.

List of userboxes[edit source]

User box area[edit source]

{{Userboxtop}} and {{Userboxbottom}} -- Place it at thefirst and last where the user box will be placed. (The user administrator user box here is an example.)

Miraheze admin.pngThis user is an administrator on Meta. (verify)

User rights[edit source]

{{User administrator}} -- For Administrators

Miraheze admin.pngThis user is an administrator on Meta. (verify)

{{User bureaucrat}} -- For Bureaucrats

Miraheze Bureaucrat.PNGThis user is an bureaucrat on Meta. (verify)

{{User autoconfirmed}} -- For Autoconfirmed users

Miraheze Logo.svgThis user has autoconfirmed rights on Meta.

{{User confirmed}} -- For Confirmed users

Miraheze Logo.svgThis user has confirmed rights on Meta. (verify)

{{User autopatrolled}} -- For Autopatrolled users

Miraheze Autopatrolled.PNGThis user has autopatrolled rights on Miraheze Meta. (verify)

{{User global IP block exemption}} -- For Global IP block exemption users

{{User translation administrator}} -- For translation administrators

Miraheze translation administrator.svgThis user is an translation administrator on Meta. (verify)

{{User wikicreator}} -- For Wiki creators

Miraheze Wiki Creator.PNGThis user is a wiki creator on Miraheze. (verify)

{{User steward}} -- For Stewards

Miraheze Steward.pngThis user is a Miraheze steward. (verify)

{{User system administrator}} -- For System Administrators

Miraheze Sysadmin.pngThis user is a Miraheze system administrator. (verify)

{{User CVT}} -- For CVT team

CVN logo.svgThis user is part of the Miraheze Counter Vandalism Team. (verify)

Social Media[edit source]

{{GitBox}} -- For anyone that helps Miraheze on GitHub

GitLogo.pngThis user helps Miraheze on GitHub.

{{PhabBox}} -- For anyone that helps Miraheze on Phabricator

Phab.pngThis user helps Miraheze on Phabricator.