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Translators have the ability to translate pages on Meta

Translators have the ability to mark pages for translation and to translate pages on Meta using the Translate extension.

Appointment and Revocation[edit source]

Translators are appointed at the discretion of Meta administrators. A request can be made at Meta:Administrators' noticeboard. Translators will initially be appointed for a trial period of 15 days. If a Meta administrator is satisfied that they have performed well they will be appointed indefinitely.

In order to be appointed translator, a user must:

  • confirm that they have read MediaWiki's documentation for using the Translate extension and that they understand how to prepare a page for translation;
  • have at least level 3 (Babel) competencies in both the target language and in English;[1]
  • provide a few examples of pages that they intend to work on if approved

If a translator has repeatedly translated pages poorly or otherwise misused their rights, their translator permissions may be revoked.

Pages to be translated[edit source]

In order to ensure professional translation on Meta, only high traffic pages may be translated.

Administrators will maintain a list of high traffic pages that may be translated. Examples of such pages include: the Main Page, global policy pages and other pages of importance.

Certain important pages may be disallowed from translation for legal considerations, such as the board of Directors page and subpages, where translations may introduce excessive risk.

Temporary Allowance: Due to technical difficulties encountered by Technology team with removing incomplete/outdated translations as required by Proposal 3.1 of the translation RfC, until that is done by Technology team, translators may translate incomplete or outdated translations on a non high-traffic page ONLY IF there is already a translation in that language present on the page AND it is incomplete or outdated. Any other translations (i.e. new language on a non high-traffic page) are still not allowed.

List of high traffic pages[edit source]

Only pages contained in this list may be translated. This list is maintained at the discretion of Meta administrators. If you think that a page should be on this list, please request at Meta:Administrators' noticeboard.

List of Translators[edit source]

  • Last updated: 2024-05-16
  • Total number of translators: 16
+/- User name Languages spoken Other rights Libera Chat nickname on IRC
Buehl106 ja-N, en-2 patroller
EmicraftNoob en-3, es-N, pt-1
Felenov en-N, ru-N, de-5, lv-2, fr-1, es-1 autopatrolled
HanTheGene nl-N, en-4 autopatrolled
Harej (Miraheze) en-N autopatrolled, trust and safety
Legroom ru-N, en-3, fr-1 autopatrolled
LIMAFOX76 fr-N, en-3 autopatrolled
Pisces vi-N, en-3 autopatrolled, wiki creator
R1F4T bn-N, en-2
Saurmandal hi-N, en-4, bn-3 autopatrolled
Universal Omega en-N autopatrolled, interface administrator, wiki creator CosmicAlpha
Waki285 ja-N, en-3 patroller, interface administrator, wiki creator
WerySkok ru-N, en-2 autopatrolled
Zakawer2 da-N, en-4, sv-1, no-1, jut-1
খাত্তাব হাসান bn-N, ur-3, hi-1, en-1
铁桶 zh-N, en-3, ja-3 autopatrolled

Chart[edit source]

The following is a chart of translators.
User:R1F4TUser:YvirCUser:ChqazUser:Universal OmegaUser:TiziorandomicoUser:EmicraftNoobUser:Harej (Miraheze)User:FelenovUser:WerySkokUser:SaurmandalUser:LIMAFOX76User:BrandonWMUser:খাত্তাব হাসানUser:Buehl106User:Zakawer2User:HeerxingenUser:MacFan4000User:PiscesUser:KourouklidesUser:CaimántristeUser:铁桶User:Waki285User:HanTheGeneUser:1108-KijuUser:ZppixUser:VoidUser:Reception123User:NotArachamUser:Agent IsaiUser:Legroom

See Also & Notes[edit source]

  1. While users usually self-certify their Babel competency level, administrators may use their discretion in deciding whether the user actually fulfils that criteria.