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    Translation administrators
    This page provides information on the translation administrators (translationadmin) and lays out relevant policies.
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    Translation administrators have the ability to mark pages for translation.

    If you have any requests for pages to be translated (including modifying units), feel free to ask a translation administrator listed below on their user talk page, or make a request on Administrators' noticeboard.

    Note: Administrators also have the right to mark pages for translation. See Special:ListGroupRights for more information.

    List of translation administrators[edit source]

    • Last updated: 2022-01-18
    • Total number of Translation administrators on Meta: 7
    +/- User name Languages spoken Other rights Libera Chat nickname on IRC
    Buehl106 ja-N, en-2 patroller
    Charlesw zh-N, en-1 CharW
    HeartsDo fr-N, en-2 patroller HeartsDo or HeartsDo|Feed
    MacFan4000 en-N, es-2 patroller, rollbacker, system administrator MacFan4000
    revi ko-N, en-3 autopatrolled revi
    Sabelöga sv-N, en-4, nn-2, no-3, da-2, de-2, ru-2 autopatrolled
    Startus ur-3, en-2, hi-1 patroller ratekreel

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