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    Following is a list of Miraheze shortcuts for English pages.

    List[edit source]

    Page Shortcut
    Global policies
    Community Directors CD
    Content Policy CP
    CheckUser CU
    Data Request Process GDPR
    Dormancy Policy DP
    Global bans GB
    Global Conduct Policy GCP
    Global IP block exemption GIPBE
    Global policies GP
    Global Rollbackers GR
    Global Sysops GS
    Interwiki administrators IA
    Miraheze Spaces Code of Conduct MSCoC
    No open proxies policy NOP, NOPP
    Oversight OS
    Privacy Policy PP
    Requests for Comment Policy RfCP
    Stewards S
    Terms of Use ToU, ToS
    User accounts policy UAP
    Username Policy UP
    Volunteer Conduct Policy VCP
    Meta:Wiki creators M:WC, Meta:WC
    Meta:Administrators Meta:Admins
    Meta:Administrators' noticeboard Meta:AN
    Meta:Autopatrolled users Meta:AP
    Meta:Autoconfirmed users Meta:AU
    Meta:Bureaucrats Meta:B
    Meta:Bots Meta:BOT
    Meta:Flood flag Meta:Flood
    Meta:Interface administrators Meta:IA
    Meta:Shortcuts Meta:META
    Meta:Translation administrators Meta:TA
    Meta:Central notice managers Meta:CNM
    Meta:Twinkle Meta:TW
    Meta:Users Meta:U
    Meta:User close policy Meta:UCP
    Meta:Wiki creators guide Meta:WCG
    Requests and proposals
    Request features RF
    Requests for Comment RFC, RfC
    Requests for Comment/Usernames RFC/U, RfC/U
    Meta:Requests for permissions RfP
    Requests for reopening wikis RfA, RfRW
    Requests for global permissions RfGP (RfGR)
    Requests for Stewardship RfS
    Help center About
    Abuse Team Abuse
    Meta:Administrators' noticeboard AN
    Global bans#Community bans CBAN
    Changing username CHU
    Community noticeboard CN
    Code of Conduct/Commission#Conflict of interest COI
    Code of Conduct/Commission CoCC
    Copyright takedowns COPY
    Counter Vandalism Team CVT
    Global locks GL
    Gazetteer of wikis GoW
    Help:Unified login H:UL
    Local elections LE
    Meta:Community portal Meta:CPO
    OATHAuth MFA
    Missing Mirahezians MM
    Tech:MediaWiki/Compatibility Old
    Private wikis PW
    Tech:SRE Volunteers SA, SRE
    Tech:Server admin log SAL
    Stewards' noticeboard SN
    Tech:Home Tech
    Underaged users UA
    Wikimedia Foundation WMF
    Asking questions correctly AQC
    Guidance for RFX voters Vote
    Guide to writing wiki requests Request
    Wikimedia Foundation#Usage of English Wikipedia essays WPESSAY
    Wikimedia Foundation#Usage of English Wikipedia essays (par. 3) WPPOLICY

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