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    <translate> Rollbackers</translate>
    <translate> Rollbackers can quickly revert all edits made by the last user who edited a particular page.</translate>

    <translate> Rollbackers have the ability to quickly roll back the edits of the last user who edited a particular page. This is particularly helpful to revert vandalism on a certain page. Non-rollbackers may also use Twinkle for pseudo-rollbacker abilities.

    Nature[edit source]

    Anyone can undo vandalism, but it takes several clicks from the editing history to complete it. Users with rollback right can directly rollback by using the rollback key in the list of version comparison page, user contribution page and recent changes.

    Administrators have the right to rollback, so they don't need to apply for authorization again (duplicate permissions may also slow down the connection progress). Rollback right is mainly a tool for users who are not administrators to help effectively cope with vandalism.

    Appointment and Revocation[edit source]

    Rollbackers are appointed by administrators at their discretion. Users may request the right at the Administrators' noticeboard. Likewise, rollbackers may have their rights revoked at the discretion of an administrator.

    There is no set list of criteria that users must fulfill to be appointed to rollbacker or have the right revoked. Each administrator has their own criteria for appointing or revoking a rollbacker's flag, though revocation is rare if the right is used correctly.

    Usage[edit source]

    Rollback is primarily used to combat spam and vandalism. When such are detected, rollbackers can quickly revert all edits made by a certain user on the page. A button labeled "Rollback" appears on the latest revision of pages and when clicked, reverts all edits made by the latest contributor.

    Note that you can only rollback the edits of the latest contributor to a page to the last revision not made by them. If you wish to revert multiple revisions made by multiple editors, you will need to do that manually.

    List of Rollbackers[edit source]



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