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Patrollers on Meta help coordinate against spam and review all edits to make sure they're compliant with local policies.

Patrollers on Meta are users who have the ability to mark other non-administrator and non-autopatrolled users' edits as "patrolled" ("approved" or "reviewed"). Patrolling helps administrators and other patrollers coordinate their efforts against spam and ensure all edits are reviewed for compliance with local policies. Even if an edit goes against local policy, patrollers still mark it reviewed and then take appropriate action. Patrollers can see the unpatrolled edits mark (!) and mark those edits as patrolled. Patrollers also have the ability to rollback, or quickly revert, another user's edit, in order to aid Meta administrators with removing spam and vandalism.

Appointment and Revocation

Patrollers are appointed by administrators at their discretion. Users may request the right on the Administrators' noticeboard. Likewise, patrollers may have their rights revoked at the discretion of an administrator.

There is no set list of criteria that users must fulfill to be appointed to patroller or have the right revoked. Each administrator has their own criteria for appointing or revoking a patroller's flag, though revocation is rare if the right is used correctly in compliance with the guidelines below.

== Guidelines == Linked to the right are the guidelines for Meta Patrollers. The linked template is a template which is usually substituted onto Meta patrollers' talk pages once the right is granted.

== List of Patrollers ==

=== Chart ===

The following is a chart of patrollers/scn.
User:RodejongUser:Waki285User:Tali64³User:ZeusUser:GlobeUser:Jph2User:PixDeVlUser:NotArachamUser:Reception123User:ZppixUser:1108-KijuUser:VoidUser:BrandonWMUser:OrangeStarUser:Buehl106User:DrossUser:Bongo CatUser:Agent IsaiUser:StartusUser:PixialUser:アンジェロ先輩User:RaidarrUser:UgochimobiUser:MacFan4000User:ChrsUser:AntonUser:うざっきーUser:JustarandomamericanUser:RedminUser:NaleksuhUser:HypercaneUser:HypercaneUser:TBCtableEXUser:BonnedavUser:HeartsDoUser:CircleyDoesExtracterUser:Universal OmegaUser:松User:Dmehus

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