Meta:Main policy/Draft

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This is a draft for the main policy on Meta

As there are no current "official" policies on Meta I think we should have one. Feel free to edit

Meta is the central Miraheze wiki. Its purpose is requesting wikis, helping users, documentation, community discussions, etc.

Vandalism[edit source]

Any form of vandalism (spam, threats, insults to other userrs, etc.) is prohibited on Meta. Vandalism on Meta will be punished by a block (the time is at the discretion of the blocking administrator). Depending on the level of the vandalism, users might get a warning before being blocked, or might not.

Pages creation[edit source]

Creating pages is limited to confirmed users. Pages on Meta are either created for documentation and/or helping users. Pages not containing such information or similar should not be created on Meta and can be deleted by a Meta Administrator at any time.