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Interface administrators
This page provides information on Meta interface administrators (interface-admin), and lays out relevant policies.
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Gränssnittsadministratörer är användare som har förmågan att redigera i namnrymden MediaWiki: på den här wikin, vilken är en namnrymd som kontrollerar särskilda aspekter av wikins användargränssnitt (t.ex. sidfältet, fotnoterna, länkar i specialsidorna och så vidare). De har också förmågan att redigera andra användares JavaScript och CSS-filer; i praktiken däremot gör de aldrig det, och bör endast göras om användaren skulle be om hjälp med att installera ett skript eller något liknande.

Interface administrators are appointed locally by any bureaucrat.

Requests for interface administrator should, ideally, be made at Meta:Administrators' noticeboard, but may also be requested on the user talk page of any bureaucrat.


To be eligible for the interface administrator user group right, the requesting user must ensure that they:

  • Have a clear and specific purpose for requesting the right;
  • Already hold one (or more) advanced user rights such as wiki creator, rollbacker, global sysop, or other user group rights that demonstrate that they are trustworthy;
  • Have no recent history of blocks or other sanctions on Meta (the granting bureaucrat has some discretion here in what is considered recent);
  • Have confirmed, in writing, that they have a strong password on their user account; and
  • Have two-factor authentication enabled on their account.


Any administrator or bureaucrat can revoke the rights from a user if the user (has):

  • Shown, or otherwise given indication of, their user account, computer, and related technology having been compromised;
  • Engaged in vandalism in restricted namespaces or on restricted pages; or,
  • No longer meets the eligibility requirements.

For security purposes, interface administrator may also be removed by any administrator or bureaucrat, on their own or following a request for removal at Meta:Administrators' noticeboard, from any user who has not made any log actions or edits on Meta in the past 30 days. When the user returns and still has a need for the tool, they can re-request it at Meta:Administrators' noticeboard.

Pictogram voting info.svg Note: As part of the Meta bureaucrat's responsibilities for maintaining compliance with Meta:Interface administrators, they may, in their discretion, request a Steward verify an interface administrator's two-factor authentication status.

Lista över gränssnittsadministratörer

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Agent Isai en-N, es-N administrator, wiki creator, interwiki administrator, central notice manager, steward Agent
Chrs en-N patroller, rollbacker, wiki creator chrs
Naleksuh en-N, nl-1, de-1 patroller, wiki creator Naleksuh
Reception123 ro-N, en-5, fr-4 bureaucrat, administrator, wiki creator, steward, system administrator Reception123 or Reception|away
Universal Omega en-N patroller, wiki creator, interwiki administrator, global rollbacker, system administrator CosmicAlpha

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