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Meta IP block exemptions
This page provides information on local IP exemptions (ipblock-exempt), and lays out relevant policies.

A local Meta IP block exemption provides for affected users to be exempt from local autoblocks and hard IP range blocks. Additionally, it also provides for trusted users to edit through the Tor anonymity network, since the torunblocked user right is not available to all registered users, as it is on nearly all other Miraheze user wikis by virtue of it being included in the default permissions for the user group.

It is granted by Meta administrators for users that have a clear need and/or are trusted, usually via Meta:Administrator's noticeboard.

Revocation[edit source]

The group may be revoked by the aforementioned for any reason, but the most common reasons being: (a) there is no longer an apparent need or (b) where the user is otherwise no longer trusted.

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